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Yearly events report - Vol. 2022




Boris Buliga

A year has passed, so it's time for some statistics.

This year was tough. The whole country went into turmoil due to the war. And yet, despite the odds and horrors, we looked for the light of each other. We looked for comfort and company. Just before Independence Day, when there was a high chance of terrorist attacks, someone said to me: it's better to gather for a wine-tasting event and spend this evening together instead of stressing alone. And so we did.

You might already be aware that I like to collect data. Every wine that we tasted over 15 events was served blind. Every participant had a chance to rate the wine on a 1-5 scale. And so every event has a dedicated article containing our scores and sharing more information about wines and producers. This post aggregates data from all events of this year. Of course, in a dry fashion. So do not expect any poetry here. Only dry numbers and charts.

  1. [2022-01-11] Some Amber Stars
  2. [2022-01-25] U600
  3. [2022-06-21] A taste of Chenin Blanc
  4. [2022-07-05] Mixed Bag Vol. 1
  5. [2022-07-28] Mixed Bag Vol. 2: Orange
  6. [2022-08-23] Sin Titulo
  7. [2022-09-06] Wine o'clock with People
  8. [2022-09-13] Mixed Bag Vol. 3
  9. [2022-09-20] Opaque Tasting Vol. 1
  10. [2022-09-27] Mixed Bag Vol. 4
  11. [2022-10-18] Atypical ver.1.22474487139…
  12. [2022-10-25] A bit of Spain
  13. [2022-12-05] Grapes of Piedmont
  14. [2022-12-13] To Each Their Own Vol. 1
  15. [2022-12-27] Classy Bubbles Vol. 2


This year we've got a lot of new faces. Some regulars, unfortunately, moved out of Kyiv and could not participate as much as they used to. In total, we had 147 participants (vs 109 last year) and 43 unique (vs 38 last year). And by the way, if I am not mistaken, 7 people received small presents from me for guessing wines.

Most active participants

Some people participate more often than others. Around 40% of people (excluding me, of course) participated in 3+ events (e.g. at least in every fifth event). That makes a fine core for our events, right?

Boris B15
Elvira K14
Andrii S12
Viktoriya Zh8
Tetiana S7
Dmytro S6
Oleksandr Y6
Ivietta K6
Dmytro D6
Oleksandr R5
Mariia S5
Daria B5
Dimitry G4
Artem O4
Maksym K3
Lena M3
Kristina S3
Anastasiia P3
Yulia K2
Olena H2
Kateryna S2
Katerna K2
Andrii P2
Andrii B2
Andrey U2
Yulia S1
Yaroslav M1
Vira I1
Vasyl K1
Sofiia B1
Rostyslav Y1
Oleksandra B1
Nelli L1
Karyna S1
Julia L1
Dmytro Yu1
Dmytro K1
Daria T1
Daria N1
Anna Zr1
Anna Y1
Andrii K1
Alina S1

Relation to Wix

It's not a secret that most events are held in the Wix Kyiv office. And it explains why most of the participants are Wix employees. Yet this year, more and more people out of the Wix joined our cosy parties. One person got so used to our office that eventually decided to join Wix.

Wix Employee31
Left Wix1
Joined Wix1


As was already mentioned, we had 15 events this year (vs 11 last year). Out of them, 3 were hosted outside our regular place (e.g. Wix Kyiv office) - Garage, 101 Bar and One Tea Tree. In addition, we experimented with the tasting format. During one of the events, we tasted wine from black opaque glasses (see Opaque Tasting Vol. 1), and during another, each participant had to bring a bottle (see To Each Their Own Vol. 1). Both of the formats are great, so I am going to continue organising them.

Average score per event

As you can see, there was a pretty tough fight in terms of the average score. There is a clear winner - Some Amber Stars (in general, orange wines are scored higher by us), but many events differ only in 0.01. Crazy!

I am also amazed Classy Bubbles Vol. 2 reached second place. After all, last year's events dedicated to sparkling wines are among the worst three events. It is lovely to see this transformation.

Some Amber Stars4.198
Classy Bubbles Vol. 24.005
Mixed Bag Vol. 2: Orange3.992
Mixed Bag Vol. 33.946
Grapes of Piedmont3.945
A bit of Spain3.938
Opaque Tasting Vol. 13.930
Mixed Bag Vol. 13.825
Mixed Bag Vol. 43.818
To Each Their Own Vol. 13.811
Sin Titulo3.807
Atypical ver.1.22474487139…3.781
A taste of Chenin Blanc3.556
Wine o'clock with People3.540

Participants per event

It's always nice to see more people, but I found that 6-9 is the ideal amount participants. Why? Because we have more time and space to hear everyone's opinion without rushing. This became more critical due to the curfew. The drawback is that the budget becomes tighter.

Some Amber Stars9
A taste of Chenin Blanc9
Mixed Bag Vol. 111
Mixed Bag Vol. 2: Orange11
Sin Titulo12
Wine o'clock with People8
Mixed Bag Vol. 312
Opaque Tasting Vol. 19
Mixed Bag Vol. 410
Atypical ver.1.22474487139…7
A bit of Spain9
Grapes of Piedmont12
To Each Their Own Vol. 17
Classy Bubbles Vol. 212

Wines per event

We constantly say that 6-7 is the ideal amount of wines per event, but somehow we end up with 8 wines from time to time. And this is ignoring the 'extra' bottles. Once, we ended up with 13 wines! At least it was fun.

Some Amber Stars5
A taste of Chenin Blanc6
Mixed Bag Vol. 17
Mixed Bag Vol. 2: Orange8
Sin Titulo8
Wine o'clock with People5
Mixed Bag Vol. 38
Opaque Tasting Vol. 15
Mixed Bag Vol. 47
Atypical ver.1.22474487139…6
A bit of Spain7
Grapes of Piedmont7
To Each Their Own Vol. 17
Classy Bubbles Vol. 28


Total wine price per event

This year we got bolder with our budget. We spent 118 656 UAH on wines (vs 72 712 UAH last year). If we consider the exchange ratio, the growth is not that big. There is little wonder that the Classy Bubbles Vol. 2 event was the most expensive. At the same time, U600 and Wine o'clock with People were designed to be the least expensive. You can find wines for almost any budget.

Some Amber Stars8620
A taste of Chenin Blanc6425
Mixed Bag Vol. 17242
Mixed Bag Vol. 2: Orange9411
Sin Titulo8341
Wine o'clock with People3161
Mixed Bag Vol. 38856
Opaque Tasting Vol. 14866
Mixed Bag Vol. 47734
Atypical ver.1.22474487139…7018
A bit of Spain10016
Grapes of Piedmont7615
To Each Their Own Vol. 19829
Classy Bubbles Vol. 216387

Average wine price per event

The average price of wines per event correlates with the previous chart. Mostly. Honestly, I don't really understand what conclusion to draw from this one, but it's cool, so take a look.

Some Amber Stars1724
A taste of Chenin Blanc1070
Mixed Bag Vol. 11034
Mixed Bag Vol. 2: Orange1176
Sin Titulo1042
Wine o'clock with People632
Mixed Bag Vol. 31107
Opaque Tasting Vol. 1973
Mixed Bag Vol. 41104
Atypical ver.1.22474487139…1169
A bit of Spain1430
Grapes of Piedmont1087
To Each Their Own Vol. 11404
Classy Bubbles Vol. 22048

Most expensive wines

The average price of the bottle is 1186 UAH (vs 908 UAH last year). The most expensive wine was Gravner Ribolla Anfora 2004 until the last event, where I decided to put a few beefed Champagne wines. So De Sousa Cuvée des Caudalies Grand Cru Rosé NV is the most expensive wine with a price tag of 3906 UAH (vs Agrapart Terroirs NV last year with a price tag of 1950 UAH). And Félicien Brou Vouvray Brut NV is the least expensive wine with a price tag of 339 UAH.

De Sousa Cuvée des Caudalies Grand Cru Rosé NV3906
Maurice Vesselle Grand Cru Collection Bouzy 20003673
Gravner Ribolla 20042900
Benoît Lahaye Millesime 20172595
Portal del Priorat Tros De Clos 20132465
Vega Sicilia Pintia 20161947
Bérêche & Fils Côte Grand Cru 20161890
Cantina Alchemica Lanthano Bianco 20131890
Antoniolo Gattinara 20141800


So this year, we tasted 100 wines (vs 80 last year). And only 2 of them were repeated - Kmetija Štekar Rebula Prilo 2015 and Cà del Vént Anima Brut Rosé Pas Operé VSQ 2014.

Best wines of the year

Now to the list of the most rated wines. It's no wonder that half of the top 20 wines are macerated white (aka orange) wines. We all love them. But I am happy to see Patrick Sullivan, De Sousa, and Cascina Tavijn on this list.

By the way, did you guess what wine is the best-rated wine of this year? Now I am just happy that I decided to share R. López de Heredia Viña Tondonia Blanco Reserva 2011 with you.

R. López de Heredia Viña Tondonia Blanco Reserva 20114.59
La Stoppa Ageno 20184.40
Ktima Ligas Spira 20194.39
Testalonga El Bandito I Wish I was a Ninja 20214.36
La Stoppa Ageno 20154.27
Tomislav Marković Quo Vadis 20194.26
Cascina Tavijn Bandita 20164.24
Radikon Ribolla 20074.23
Avancia Godello 20204.23
Cantina Alchemica Lanthano Bianco 20134.22
La Biancara Sassaia 19974.18
Patrick Sullivan Baw Baw Shire Ada River Chardonnay 20184.18
Kmetija Štekar Rebula Prilo 20154.17
Foradori Fuoripista Pinot Grigio 20214.17
Cà del Vént Anima Brut Rosé Pas Operé VSQ 20144.16
Foradori Fuoripista Pinot Grigio 20144.16
Portal del Priorat Tros De Clos 20134.14
Le Vieux Télégraphe Châteauneuf du Pape Clos La Roquète 20204.13
De Sousa Cuvée des Caudalies Grand Cru Rosé NV4.13
Matassa Cuvée Alexandria 20194.11

Worst wines of the year

Someone would say that this list is a little bit depressing. But I would argue because even this list contains mostly good scores (with one notable exception). Besides, some wines are just controversial (Sous Le Végétal Palli et Genesia 2018 is an excellent example). It slightly pains me to see Tsikhelishvili, Sadie Family, Sous Le Végétal and Fedellos do Couto on this list. But on the other hand, someone needs to be here, right?

Testalonga El Bandito Skin 20193.66
Iuli La Rina 20183.65
Fedellos do Couto Bastarda 20173.64
Louis Jadot Savigny-Lés-Beaune La Dominode 1er Cru 20143.64
Pierre Frick Cremant d'Alsace 20173.62
Sclavus Vino di Sasso 20173.62
Golan Heights Winery Chardonnay Yarden 20193.61
Loxarel Refugi Brut Nature Reserva 20183.59
Villa Calicantus Sollazzo 20183.56
Sadie Family Skurfberg 20203.55
Tsikhelishvili Wines Jgia 20183.54
Hummel Villaniy Portugieser 20203.53
Vinoman Pinot Blanc 20213.51
Villa Calicantus Chiar'otto Bardolino Classico Chiaretto 20193.49
Les Vignes De Paradis Chenin 20193.48
Tsikhelishvili Wines Alvani Rkatsiteli 20183.44
Weingut Tement Blanc Reserve 20173.37
Muchada-Léclapart Univers 20173.37
Sous Le Végétal Palli et Genesia 20183.29
Casa Coste Piane Brichet Frizzante NV2.95
Costador Metamorphika Chenin Blanc 20172.29

Wines with best QPR

The most interesting chart. Since quality is not linear (e.g. wine for 100 UAH that received 1.5 is not something I want to buy), it's calculated as 100Q!P100 * \frac{Q!}{P}. We multiply by 100100 just to make it more representative. The more the better! Factorial gives the most value to scores close to 5. The formula is not ideal, and if someone knows how to better approach this, let me know!

Aside from Félicien Brou Vouvray Brut NV with its ridicuously great price tag, I am happy to see R. López de Heredia Viña Tondonia Blanco Reserva 2011 on this list. It's truly fascinating when the best-rated wine has good QPR at the same time. Something to hunt for.

Félicien Brou Vouvray Brut NV7.27
Testalonga El Bandito I Wish I was a Ninja 20214.89
Thymiopoulos Xinomavro Young Vines 20184.83
Bodegas Borsao Tres Picos 20194.46
R. López de Heredia Viña Tondonia Blanco Reserva 20113.85
La Stoppa Ageno 20183.82
Tomislav Marković Quo Vadis 20193.78
Naveran Odisea 20193.67
Cascina Tavijn Bandita 20163.43
Ktima Ligas Spira 20193.34
Avancia Godello 20203.32
Weinert Cabernet Sauvignon 20103.26
Cascina Tavijn Vino Bianco 20213.23
La Stoppa Ageno 20153.20
Testalonga Baby Bandito Follow Your Dreams 20213.17
Cascina Bertolotto Spumante Brut Metodo Classico NV3.07
Kmetija Štekar Rebula Prilo 20152.94
Clos du Tue-Boeuf Rouillon Cheverny 20202.89
Marco De Bartoli Vignaverde 20192.76
Fedellos do Couto Lomba dos Ares 20172.68


This year we visited 19 countries (vs 14 last year). Now some of us can flex after tasting wine from Croatia or England.

South Africa4
New Zealand1


And this is the chart that makes me proud. We tasted 73 grapes (ignoring the 417 variety field blend and smaller field blends) compared to 42 last year. Moreover, only because of the last event, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay are at the top again. I assure you, not many sommeliers tasted all these grapes. For example, Jgia is almost extinct. La Crescent is a rare grape created for the cold climate of the northern parts of the Americas. Pelaverga Piccolo? Refošk? Robola? Ortugo? Folks, we are lucky.

Pinot Noir15
Pinot Gris8
Chenin Blanc6
Malvasia di Candia Aromatica4
Ribolla Gialla4
Sauvignon Blanc3
Pinot Blanc3
Alicante Henri Bouschet1
Blauer Portugieser1
Cabernet Franc1
Cabernet Sauvignon1
Garnacha Blanca1
Garnacha Tintorera1
Grenache Gris1
La Crescent1
Maria Gomes1
Moscato Giallo1
Muscat de Samos1
Nerello Cappuccio1
Nerello Mascalese1
Palomino Fino1
Pelaverga Piccolo1
Sauvignon Gris1


Nothing overly interesting. Just know that 20% of wines this year were sparkling.



Considering that orange wines are macerated whites, it seems like we tasted not so many red wines. On the other hand, I decided to track orange wines separately to check if they are better received than others. Guess what? Yes, I already spoiled it, but orange wines have an average score of 4.027 compared to others (ranging between 3.79 and 3.84).



This year we had some older bottles. The oldest was La Biancara Sassaia 1997 (vs Chivite Coleccion 125 Rosado 2006 last year). We also had Maurice Vesselle Grand Cru Collection Bouzy 2000 and Gravner Ribolla Anfora 2004. Lucky us, right?


All wines

2022.01.11Some Amber StarsCantina AlchemicaLanthano Bianco2013orangestillItalyField Blend18904.214.221.7537
2022.01.11Some Amber StarsKmetija ŠtekarRebula Prilo2015orangestillSloveniaRibolla Gialla10504.174.172.9468
2022.01.11Some Amber StarsLa StoppaAgeno2015orangestillItalyMalvasia di Candia Aromatica, Ortrugo, Trebbiano10904.244.273.2026
2022.01.11Some Amber StarsRadikonRibolla2007orangestillItalyRibolla Gialla16904.224.231.9953
2022.01.11Some Amber StarsGravnerRibolla Anfora2004orangestillItalyRibolla Gialla29004.064.10.9001
2022.01.25U600Weingut TementBlanc Reserve2017whitestillAustriaSauvignon Blanc, Welschriesling, Weissburgunder5423.333.371.7086
2022.01.25U600Golan Heights WineryChardonnay Yarden2019whitestillIsraelChardonnay5593.583.612.3199
2022.01.25U600ThymiopoulosXinomavro Young Vines2018redstillGreeceXinomavro4073.873.874.8336
2022.01.25U600WeinertCabernet Sauvignon2010redstillArgentinaCabernet Sauvignon5653.823.843.2615
2022.01.25U600Bodegas BorsaoTres Picos2019redstillSpainGrenache5854.064.074.4621
2022.06.21A taste of Chenin BlancTestalongaEl Bandito I wish I was a Ninja2021whitesparklingSouth AfricaColombardo8204.334.364.8938
2022.06.21A taste of Chenin BlancLes Vignes De ParadisChenin2019whitestillFranceChenin Blanc7303.473.481.5215
2022.06.21A taste of Chenin BlancDomaine de la Taille Aux LoupsBretonniere Monopole2017whitestillFranceChenin Blanc14903.9841.5578
2022.06.21A taste of Chenin BlancSadie FamilySkurfberg2020whitestillSouth AfricaChenin Blanc14903.483.550.757
2022.06.21A taste of Chenin BlancCostadorMetamorphika Chenin Blanc2017whitestillSpainChenin Blanc7452.132.290.3047
2022.06.21A taste of Chenin BlancTestalongaEl Bandito Skin2019whitestillSouth AfricaChenin Blanc11503.633.661.2199
2022.07.05Mixed Bag Vol. 1Villa CalicantusSollazzo2018rosesparklingItalyCorvina, Molinara, Rondinella, Sangiovese7763.553.561.597
2022.07.05Mixed Bag Vol. 1Patrick SullivanRain Field Blend2019redstillAustraliaCabernet Franc, Pinot Gris11503.663.71.2737
2022.07.05Mixed Bag Vol. 1Domaine du PélicanSavagnin Ouillé2016whitestillFranceSavagnin15913.743.771.0221
2022.07.05Mixed Bag Vol. 1MatassaCuvée Alexandria2019orangestillFranceZibibbo11854.094.112.3086
2022.07.05Mixed Bag Vol. 1Éric ChevalierCirrus2018orangestillFranceSauvignon Gris11123.883.91.7946
2022.07.05Mixed Bag Vol. 1Pheasant's TearsPoliphonia2019redstillGeorgia417 variety field blend6033.653.682.3978
2022.07.05Mixed Bag Vol. 1Cascina BertolottoSpumante Brut Metodo ClassicoNVwhitesparklingItalyPinot Noir, Chardonnay8254.044.063.0733
2022.07.28Mixed Bag Vol. 2: OrangeLucy MargauxPinot Gris Comme de Fleurs2020orangesparklingAustraliaPinot Gris9463.93.912.1847
2022.07.28Mixed Bag Vol. 2: OrangeMarco De BartoliInteger Grillo2018orangestillItalyGrillo11853.953.981.8917
2022.07.28Mixed Bag Vol. 2: OrangeLa BiancaraSassaia1997orangestillItalyGarganega16004.184.181.9658
2022.07.28Mixed Bag Vol. 2: OrangeTsikhelishvili WinesAlvani Rkatsiteli2018orangestillGeorgiaRkatsiteli6903.353.441.3642
2022.07.28Mixed Bag Vol. 2: OrangeLa StoppaAgeno2018orangestillItalyMalvasia di Candia Aromatica11504.394.43.8225
2022.07.28Mixed Bag Vol. 2: OrangeLa StoppaAgeno2019orangestillItalyMalvasia di Candia Aromatica11503.723.741.3774
2022.07.28Mixed Bag Vol. 2: OrangeGentle FolkSummertown blanc2019orangestillAustraliaSauvignon Blanc14003.893.91.4565
2022.07.28Mixed Bag Vol. 2: OrangeKtima LigasSpira2019whitestillGreeceXinomavro12904.384.393.3491
2022.08.23Sin TituloAnne et J.F. GanevatLa Bubulle à JeannotNVrosesparklingFranceGamay, Poulsard9553.743.761.7159
2022.08.23Sin TituloVilla CalicantusChiar'otto Bardolino Classico Chiaretto2019rosestillItalyCorvina, Rondinella, Molinara, Sangiovese7023.473.491.5822
2022.08.23Sin TituloAn Approach To RelaxationSucette2018redstillAustraliaGrenache15293.773.821.1249
2022.08.23Sin TituloMatassaTattouine Rouge2020redstillFranceGrenache Gris10923.853.862.01
2022.08.23Sin TituloVictoria E. Torres PecisSin Titulo NG2017redstillSpainNegramoll9973.663.691.4581
2022.08.23Sin TituloJaumaAudrey2018redstillAustraliaSyrah7873.813.832.2539
2022.08.23Sin TituloCà del VéntAnima Brut Rosé Pas Operé VSQ2014rosesparklingItalyPinot Noir14774.154.162.0418
2022.08.23Sin TituloAlex CraigheadKindeli Verano2020rosestillNew ZealandRiesling, Syrah, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Gewürztraminer, Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir8023.843.852.3906
2022.09.06Wine o'clock with PeopleCasa Coste PianeBrichet FrizzanteNVwhitesparklingItalyGlera6532.882.950.7871
2022.09.06Wine o'clock with PeopleCume do AviaArraiano Tinto2019redstillSpainTreixadura, Godello, Torrontes6163.693.762.4542
2022.09.06Wine o'clock with PeopleFedellos do CoutoLomba dos Ares2017redstillSpainMencia, Mouraton, Garnacha Tintorera, Caiño, Trousseau6763.813.842.6874
2022.09.06Wine o'clock with PeopleHummelVillányi Portugieser2020redstillHungaryBlauer Portugieser4623.513.532.5618
2022.09.06Wine o'clock with PeoplePierre FrickCremant d'Alsace2017whitesparklingFrancePinot Blanc, Pinot Gris7543.523.621.5973
2022.09.13Mixed Bag Vol. 3Lyme BayBacchus Block2018whitestillEnglandBacchus8193.73.731.8842
2022.09.13Mixed Bag Vol. 3Marco De BartoliVignaverde2019whitestillItalyGrillo6303.783.82.7634
2022.09.13Mixed Bag Vol. 3Rodrigo MéndezSálvora2017whitestillSpainAlbariño11633.923.931.8216
2022.09.13Mixed Bag Vol. 3Ca' di MatFuente de los Huertos2017redstillSpainGrenache10343.713.721.5104
2022.09.13Mixed Bag Vol. 3Clos du Tue-BoeufRouillon Cheverny2020redstillFrancePinot Noir, Gamay8203.994.012.8903
2022.09.13Mixed Bag Vol. 3Tomislav MarkovićParabole2018redstillGermanyPinot Noir16824.14.111.6606
2022.09.13Mixed Bag Vol. 3ForadoriFuoripista Pinot Grigio2014orangestillItalyPinot Gris16274.164.161.8775
2022.09.13Mixed Bag Vol. 3Kmetija ŠtekarRebula Prilo2015orangestillSloveniaRibolla Gialla10814.14.112.5839
2022.09.20Opaque Tasting Vol. 1Domaine Rossignol-TrapetSavigny-Les-Beaune Les Bas Liards2019redstillFrancePinot Noir9763.923.932.1887
2022.09.20Opaque Tasting Vol. 1Bret BrothersPouilly-Loché Climat La Colonge2018whitestillFranceChardonnay10703.773.781.5881
2022.09.20Opaque Tasting Vol. 1TestalongaBaby Bandito Follow Your Dreams2021redstillSouth AfricaCariñena6403.893.893.17
2022.09.20Opaque Tasting Vol. 1Le Vieux TélégrapheChâteauneuf du Pape Clos La Roquète2020whitestillFranceGarnacha Blanca, Clairette, Roussanne12824.124.132.2638
2022.09.20Opaque Tasting Vol. 1Pierre FrickPinoit Gris Macération Pur Vin2019orangestillFrancePinot Gris8983.923.922.3592
2022.09.27Mixed Bag Vol. 4CostadilàMòzNVorangesparklingItalyMoscato Giallo, Glera6703.783.792.5858
2022.09.27Mixed Bag Vol. 4Tomislav MarkovićQuo Vadis2019whitestillGermanyRiesling9304.254.263.7862
2022.09.27Mixed Bag Vol. 4Sous Le VégétalPalli et Genesia2018whitestillGreeceMuscat de Samos10183.233.290.7926
2022.09.27Mixed Bag Vol. 4Patrick SullivanBaw Baw Shire Ada River Chardonnay2018whitestillAustraliaChardonnay16204.174.181.9198
2022.09.27Mixed Bag Vol. 4Fedellos do CoutoBastarda2017redstillSpainTrousseau10243.633.641.3635
2022.09.27Mixed Bag Vol. 4Jean GrivotBourgougne Pinot Noir2017redstillFrancePinot Noir12823.853.851.4973
2022.09.27Mixed Bag Vol. 4Vino di AnnaQvevri 'Don Alfio'2016redstillItalyNerello Mascalese, Alicante Henri Bouschet, Nerello Cappuccio11903.683.721.2601
2022.10.18Atypical ver.1.22474487139…Rita & Rudolf TrossenPurellus Riesling Pyramide Pet Nat2018whitesparklingGermanyRiesling11503.713.741.3697
2022.10.18Atypical ver.1.22474487139…La GaragistaVinu Jancu Reserve2017whitestillUSALa Crescent17504.014.021.4013
2022.10.18Atypical ver.1.22474487139…Pol OpuestoMala Hierba Nunca Muere2017redstillArgentinaCorbeau9803.773.781.7459
2022.10.18Atypical ver.1.22474487139…SclavusVino di Sasso2017whitestillGreeceRobola9203.613.621.4842
2022.10.18Atypical ver.1.22474487139…Tsikhelishvili WinesJgia2018redstillGeorgiaJgia8183.533.541.4797
2022.10.18Atypical ver.1.22474487139…PiquentumRefošk Vrh2018redstillCroatiaRefošk14003.993.991.6778
2022.10.25A bit of SpainLoxarelRefugi Brut Nature Reserva2018whitesparklingSpainXarel-lo8303.573.591.5382
2022.10.25A bit of SpainMuchada-LéclapartUnivers2017whitestillSpainPalomino Fino11413.363.370.8371
2022.10.25A bit of SpainAvanciaGodello2020whitestillSpainGodello10134.224.233.3288
2022.10.25A bit of SpainR. López de HerediaViña Tondonia Blanco Reserva2011whitestillSpainMacabeo, Malvasia di Candia Aromatica15674.594.593.8576
2022.10.25A bit of SpainDaniel Gómez Jiménez-LandiLas Uvas de la Ira2018redstillSpainGrenache10533.793.81.6668
2022.10.25A bit of SpainPortal del PrioratTros De Clos2013redstillSpainCariñena24654.124.141.1624
2022.10.25A bit of SpainVega SiciliaPintia2016redstillSpainTempranillo19473.843.850.9779
2022.12.05Grapes of PiedmontCascina TavijnVino Bianca2021orangestillItalyChardonnay, Cortese, Zibibbo5453.793.843.2334
2022.12.05Grapes of PiedmontIuliLa Rina2018redstillItalyCellerina8503.63.651.5743
2022.12.05Grapes of PiedmontFratelli AlessandriaSpeziale Verduno Pelaverga2019redstillItalyPelaverga Piccolo7303.833.832.5346
2022.12.05Grapes of PiedmontAntonioloGattinara2014redstillItalyNebbiolo18004.064.071.4563
2022.12.05Grapes of PiedmontValli UniteMarmote2017redstillItalyCroatina12003.93.911.7223
2022.12.05Grapes of PiedmontCascina Degli UliviNibiô2010redstillItalyDolcetto14904.044.081.7154
2022.12.05Grapes of PiedmontCascina TavijnBandita2016redstillItalyBarbera10004.234.243.4309
2022.12.13To Each Their Own Vol. 1Louis JadotSavigny-Lés-Beaune La Dominode 1er Cru2014redstillFrancePinot Noir15103.633.640.9228
2022.12.13To Each Their Own Vol. 1VinomanPinot Blanc2021whitestillUkrainePinot Blanc6003.53.511.9386
2022.12.13To Each Their Own Vol. 1ForadoriFuoripista Pinot Grigio2021orangestillItalyPinot Gris14024.174.172.2233
2022.12.13To Each Their Own Vol. 1Domaine Zind HumbrechtHeimbourg Turckheim Pinot Gris2018whitestillFrancePinot Gris15763.843.851.2052
2022.12.13To Each Their Own Vol. 1Rudolf FürstKlingenberger Spätburgunder2019redstillGermanyPinot Noir17933.973.981.2823
2022.12.13To Each Their Own Vol. 1Tomislav MarkovićOn the Rocks2020redstillGermanyPinot Noir15903.793.81.0987
2022.12.13To Each Their Own Vol. 1Momento MoriCardinia Rangers Rosé2019rosestillAustraliaPinot Noir13583.713.731.1599
2022.12.27Classy Bubbles Vol. 2Filipa Pato3B Blanc de Blancs Extra Bruto UnfilteredNVwhitesparklingPortugalBical, Cercial, Maria Gomes6513.783.792.6684
2022.12.27Classy Bubbles Vol. 2Weingut BründlmayerBlanc de Blancs Extra Brut ReserveNVwhitesparklingAustriaChardonnay16273.793.791.0819
2022.12.27Classy Bubbles Vol. 2Benoît LahayeMillesime2017whitesparklingFranceChardonnay, Pinot Noir25954.084.11.0469
2022.12.27Classy Bubbles Vol. 2Bérêche & FilsBrut RéserveNVwhitesparklingFranceChardonnay19064.074.081.4058
2022.12.27Classy Bubbles Vol. 2Félicien BrouVouvray BrutNVwhitesparklingFranceChenin Blanc3394.024.027.2765
2022.12.27Classy Bubbles Vol. 2Maurice VesselleGrand Cru Collection Bouzy2000whitesparklingFranceChardonnay, Pinot Noir36734.024.020.6716
2022.12.27Classy Bubbles Vol. 2De SousaCuvée des Caudalies Grand Cru RoséNVrosesparklingFranceChardonnay, Pinot Noir39064.134.130.7456
2022.12.27Classy Bubbles Vol. 2Cà del VéntAnima Brut Rosé Pas Operé VSQ2014rosesparklingItalyPinot Noir16904.114.111.6759


Aside from being active this year, we tasted many different wines, styles, regions and grapes. And while we didn't try all the planned formats, we still managed to add some diversity here. We also tried gathering in new places. Count me happy.


First and foremost, I am grateful to all participants. Without you, this endeavour would not be possible at all. You are brave enough to sign up for tasting events without even knowing what I am going to bring (this actually gives me enough freedom to adapt for specific participants to bring something personalised). I enjoy our little journey in the world of wine. Thank you!

I am grateful to Elvira K. Aside from being the most active participant (two years in a row, by the way), she also helps me with topic selection and event organisation. She inspires me to continue. I know it's not always easy to drink so much, but at least it's fun.

Last but not the least. I am grateful to people (and 'companies') helping me without being participants: Ivan Omelchenko, Maksym Demchenko, Mykola Chobanu, People from 101 Bar, People from Garage, People from One Tea Tree, People from Roots and Vasyl Kalinichenko.

What's next?

More events, obviously. Just stay tuned! And safe travels!