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Palli et Genesia - 2018

Sous Le Végétal

4.20 / 5.0

white still, dry
Oinos, Greece
Muscat de Samos
1018 UAH
not available
Sous Le Végétal Palli et Genesia 2018

Grapes for Palli et Genesia come from Platanos village at 450 m above sea level. It's a resurrected vineyard growing on pink granite. Fruits are pressed by own weight (hey gravity), aka "free-run juice". Macerated on the skins for 40 days in stainless tanks and then aged in 750 litres clay amphoras.


4.20 / 5.0750 ml@Wix Kyiv Office · Mixed Bag Vol. 4

Some sources say there was maceration on the skins for 40 days in stainless tanks. No traces of that, but instead, flor-dominated nose. Jerez, soaked apples, VA, jasmine, honey, and citrus. Dry, medium-full bodied with crisp acidity, good balance, persistent aftertaste and powerful intensity of flavours. Not for everyone, but I love this style.

Wine #3 on Mixed Bag Vol. 4 event.

Sous Le Végétal

One might say that the earth exploded, leaving myriads of tiny islands between Greece and Turkey. Samos, a largely mountainous island, is almost touching Anatolia, only separated from it by 1 mile (sic!) Mycale Strait. In 2017 Jason Ligas and Patrick Bouju created a collaborative wine project Sous Le Végétal (under vegetation), on this beautiful green island. Through the variety of Muscat de Samos grapes, they try to express the spirit of the local terroir.

What you usually notice while looking at Sous Le Végétal bottles is the off-the-Earth labels created by Anthony Duchene, a French artist inspired by the volcanic granite soils.