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Unlike the famous Barolo and Barbaresco, the name of Gattinara is less-know to a wide audience. And no wonder. It's located far to the North of the famous Monferrato hills and occupies drastically smaller land (93 ha vs almost 2000 ha in Barolo). Yet, located closer to the Alps and growing on different soils (granite and iron-rich vs calcareous marl soils), Gattinara produces more delicate and less brutal wines with elevated acidity and less astringency. Besides. Being less prestigious, they are more affordable - both in price and older vintage availability.

Antoniolo is one of the most prominent producers in the region. Mario Antoniolo established the winery in 1948. the 1970s, they had an enviable collection of Gattinara's top crus, including a monopole on the Osso San Grato vineyard. At that time, Rosanna was running the winery, and upon request from famous wine journalist Luigi Veronelli, she bottled these crus as single vineyard wines.

Wines by Antoniolo

Antoniolo Gattinara 2014