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Fabrizio Iuli is a very interesting person, especially in the context of the modern world, where the boundaries are saturated as well as traditions and authenticity. He comes from Montaldo di Cerrina, a small town with a population that dropped from 450+ souls to just 92 over the last decades. Yet Fabrizio stays in his hometown and does his best to keep the place alive and flourishing. He even started a school for kids that follows a Steiner-inspired Italian-English curriculum that embeds traditional academics in an outdoor classroom set in the vines, fields and woodland of the farm.

As the only winemaker in the town, he tries to make traditional Piemontese wines that are easy and fun to drink. The grapes found in his vineyards are Baratuciat (a nearly-extinct white variety from the Val di Susa), Grignolino, Nebbiolo, Pinot Nero, Barbera, and Slarina.

Wines by Iuli

Iuli La Rina 2018