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Ageno - 2019

La Stoppa

3.90 / 5.0

white still, dry
Vino (IT), Italy
La Stoppa
Malvasia di Candia Aromatica, Ortrugo, Trebbiano
1050 UAH
not available
La Stoppa Ageno 2019

This wine is named after the founder of La Stoppa, lawyer Ageno, who was the first to believe and give value the great potential of this area. The only dry white wine of the estate, obtained after a long spontaneous maceration from grapes of this hot and low yielding land. A person responsible for production is Giulio Armani.

  • First Production: 2002
  • Agriculture: Organic, natural green cover between the rows. No fertilizing, weed killers or pesticides
  • Soil Type: Clay Silt
  • Trellis System: Simple Guyot
  • Age of vines: 20 years
  • Density: 6000 plants per hectare
  • Vinification: 4 months maceration on skins in stainless steel and/or cement tanks
  • Fermentation and aging: Spontaneous fermentation with indigenous yeasts, aged in 40 hectolitre wooden tanks and in bottle for a time necessary, no filtration or sulphites added
  • Produced: 21 300 bottles


3.80 / 5.0750 ml@Elvira Kantiieva

The wine displays an intense and complex bouquet, featuring apricot jam, juniper, pine nuts, and a noticeable VA. Its powerful character, however, is somewhat diminished by a lack of acidity and a relatively short aftertaste, giving the impression of a tired wine. The absence of sufficient acidity also causes the tannins to appear more pronounced and somewhat off-balance.

Despite the wine's appearance suggesting it's in good condition, there's a suspicion that this bottle might have been affected by the russian shelling of the Wine Bureau warehouse. While these factors detract from its potential quality, the wine still maintains a certain level of goodness, albeit not at its best as one would expect from Ageno.

3.20 / 5.0750 ml@Wix Kyiv Office · Mixed Bag Vol. 2: Orange

One of the wines that survived the destruction of Good Wine storage. I was assured that it's as good as anyone would expect it to be, but… Nope. Simple, not fascinating, easy to forget. Lots of VA, tea, and apricot. But lacks in balance and volume. Shame.

Wine #6 on Mixed Bag Vol. 2: Orange event.

4.20 / 5.0750 ml@2 Bobra

Tasting again in 3 months to check its development. It's less stressed now, and it become more open. Soaked apples, tilia honey, medicinal herbs, apricot jam, bergamot and orange peel. Sophisticated, powerful and delicious wine. It still has potential to become more deep and interesting, so going to taste it again in the future.

4.20 / 5.0750 ml

Skip Party #7. New release of this legendary wine. It is still very young and maybe even stressed a little. I am obliged to give it another try in few weeks at least. Sulfur dioxide requires some time of aeration, burnt oak, and then lots of flowers, orange peel, spices and acacia honey. Fresh, crispy and delicious. Much lighter than 2015, but at least not a syrup, unlike 2017.

La Stoppa

La Stoppa is a legendary historic estate that was founded in 19th century by a lawyer named Giancarlo Ageno. Initially focused on Bordeaux varieties, nowadays its vineyards are occupied by local Barbera, Bonarda and Malvasia. Elena Pantaleoni, current owner of the estate, works closely with famous enologist Giulio Armani (that has his own side project called Denavolo) to craft wines expressive of place and grape. They are advocates of minimal intervention along with usage of huge Slavonian oak botti and used French barriques. Also they are farming organically since 1990's and in 2008 they even acquired proper certification.