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Brichet Frizzante ...Naturalmente - NV

Casa Coste Piane

3.50 / 5.0

white sparkling, brut-nature
IGP Colli Trevigiani, Italy
Glera, Verdiso
653 UAH
not available
Casa Coste Piane Brichet Frizzante ...Naturalmente NV

Brichet is made of 95% Glera and 5% Verdiso blend that come from a tiny (0.25-hectare) plot of the same name. These are old, steeply terraced vines on white, stony, limestone-y, scrappy soils that lie outside of the Valdobbiaddene DOCG, hence the IGP Colli Trevigiani classification. The plot was acquired in 2008.

They use a pneumatic press to… well, press the grapes. Gently and slowly. The must is partially fermented in the cold cellar. And then the sweet must is separated from the still juice using a paper filter. And then there is a reunion date happening in the winter to get bubbles. There is no disgorgement, so there is sediment in the bottle, making a fine old-fashioned Col Fondo Prosecco. But most importantly, these lees cells add complexity over time.


3.50 / 5.0750 ml@Wix Kyiv Office · Wine o'clock with People

Brichet is a wine that is more interesting on paper than in glass. Yup, it's well made, but nothing fascinating or sophisticated. Yeast-dominated nose with notes of flowers, apples and pears. Unfortunately, it lacks acidity, but the texture is nice. Chill, drink and jump to the next wine.

Wine #1 on Wine o'clock with People event.

Casa Coste Piane

Casa Coste Piane is located in Valdobbiadene sub-region of Prosecco. And imagine! Loris Follador got this farm with 60+ years old vines and winemaking techniques from his father, who in turn got this all from his father. Loris Follador is a lucky guy with a fortunate legacy. Somehow this family ignored all the 'improvements' from the 60s, so they don't meddle much with vines and wines.