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Monthly report - September 2022




Boris Buliga

A new month has begun, so it's time to look back at tasting notes for a monthly report. Novelties, favourites, outcasts and trends.

September was an unexpectedly active month. We had four tasting events as part of Barberry Garden instead of the three planned. I visited one tasting event and had to reject joining others because it was becoming too much. After all, wine is just one of my hobbies, and I have to divide my spare time more or less evenly between other activities. While it may sound like complaining, I am happy that so much has happened over these 30 days. And look at the news!

Anyways, out of 100 consumed wines, 90 were rated (for some reason, two wines were rated twice). Since the autumn has kicked in, my choice has shifted towards red wines (who would guess?) - only a third of rated wines are whites. And by the way, fewer sparkling wines (only seven bottles).

2021 December74
2022 January40
2022 May29
2022 June59
2022 July88
2022 August77
2022 September90


In terms of novelties, this month was not as fruitful as previous months, but I have lots of curious stuff prepared for the next one. After all, we are going to have a wine tasting dedicated to atypical combinations of grapes and locations.


Traditionally, preparing a list of my favourites is a tough task to accomplish. I try to avoid listing wines based solely on my scores (you can do it yourself by sorting the table below). Instead, I try to pick wines that really stood out for me. So this month my favourites are the following bottles.

And these are honourable mentions.


It's not going to be a long list as this month was flooded with good wines.


Every month my top 3 rated countries stay the same. The only thing that changes is the order. So I am more interested in the countries that come below. This time the first one is Hungary (ouch!), with an average score of ★ 7.37. Then goes Germany with a ★ 7.97 average score, which is one of the highest country-based scores this month. Well, Wasenhaus and Tomislav Marković, it's your merit.

I am happy to see Moldova, England and Slovakia on this list. And I am also happy to see more wines from New Zealand. Great.

countrycountp avgr rmsqpr
France201 154.46 UAH7.7511.4156
Italy20898.06 UAH7.7029.4920
Spain13739.66 UAH7.8978.2407
Hungary7779.06 UAH7.372.0517
Australia5973.76 UAH7.8225.9876
New Zealand5626.51 UAH7.502.9751
Germany51 279.89 UAH7.9732.8116
Argentina4759.62 UAH7.573.4741
South Africa4454.69 UAH6.873.0781
Moldova2835.00 UAH7.632.9195
Greece21 075.00 UAH8.0264.0344
Slovenia11 065.61 UAH8.5086.5065
England1819.00 UAH7.501.4185
Slovakia1846.48 UAH7.501.3724


This month the oldest vintage is 2010. It’s sad to see 2012 missing. I would have rated wines from all vintages starting with 2010. According to my notes, 2018 and 2017 are the best vintages, with average scores of ★ 7.85 and ★ 7.84, respectively.

vintagecountp avgr rmsqpr
20214621.29 UAH7.391.8699
202016782.68 UAH7.465.8527
201922779.79 UAH7.555.4977
201815942.98 UAH7.8533.5510
201715895.42 UAH7.8441.2750
20162899.35 UAH8.0256.9566
201511 065.61 UAH8.5086.5065
201431 243.25 UAH8.0937.6651
201321 219.86 UAH8.32173.9490
20112701.16 UAH7.754.6294
201012 590.00 UAH7.751.2533
NV71 241.37 UAH7.6115.8138


I am getting less festive in terms of grapes. This time only 63 grapes are on the list. Yet there are novelties: Juhfark, Roussanne, Clairette and Verdiso. Four new grapes? Well, it’s still something.

Besides novelties, I am happy to see some other rather rare grapes. Like Trousseau, Mencía, Palomino Fino, Garnacha Blanca, Moscato Giallo, Muscat de Samos, Teroldego, Vitovska, Sousón, and some others.

And quite expectable, with the fall in white wine consumption, Chardonnay, at last, has dropped from the second position.

grapecountp avgr rmsqpr
Pinot Noir211 080.95 UAH7.7918.7046
Grenache7663.63 UAH7.5242.1788
Chardonnay51 425.40 UAH8.0730.9784
Gamay5776.08 UAH7.568.6189
Merlot41 208.86 UAH7.764.0935
Pinot Gris41 108.87 UAH8.0740.7917
Trousseau4758.20 UAH7.709.1338
Glera4602.40 UAH7.031.4508
Sauvignon Blanc3967.02 UAH7.8645.6185
Tempranillo3475.46 UAH7.431.9749
Nerello Mascalese31 197.57 UAH7.9046.5105
Cabernet Sauvignon31 475.00 UAH7.190.8881
Blauer Portugieser3468.55 UAH7.350.9273
Syrah2692.00 UAH7.381.3247
Pinotage2418.73 UAH6.724.1471
Cariñena2949.15 UAH7.755.4118
Riesling2923.62 UAH7.887.6279
Tintilia2546.19 UAH7.451.7679
Graciano2546.19 UAH7.451.7679
Malvasia di Candia Aromatica21 086.64 UAH8.0255.5626
Sangiovese2871.56 UAH7.908.1694
Alicante Henri Bouschet2892.42 UAH8.2557.8971
Mencía2542.56 UAH7.7510.6304
Blaufrankisch2920.20 UAH7.451.2625
Nerello Cappuccio11 144.71 UAH8.5080.5292
Muscat de Samos11 018.00 UAH8.5090.5525
Moscato Giallo1615.27 UAH7.501.8882
Pinot Meunier12 042.00 UAH8.2514.1601
Teroldego1593.00 UAH7.501.9591
Roussanne11 282.00 UAH7.752.5319
Clairette Blanche11 282.00 UAH7.752.5319
Garnacha Blanca11 282.00 UAH7.752.5319
Cabernet Franc1506.17 UAH7.502.2951
Cinsault1553.45 UAH7.755.8649
Barbera1629.00 UAH7.501.8469
Vitovska11 173.27 UAH8.5078.5688
Verdicchio1610.33 UAH6.000.0101
Savagnin1726.00 UAH7.000.2339
Sousón1675.00 UAH7.754.8088
Brancellao1675.00 UAH7.754.8088
Caíño Longo1675.00 UAH7.754.8088
Albariño11 163.00 UAH8.5079.2626
Ribolla Gialla11 065.61 UAH8.5086.5065
Grillo1621.56 UAH8.0015.2475
Bacchus1819.00 UAH7.501.4185
Perricone1627.00 UAH7.401.2436
Colorino1900.00 UAH8.0010.5302
Canaiolo1900.00 UAH8.0010.5302
Pinot Blanc1737.20 UAH8.0012.8557
Caiño1640.12 UAH8.0014.8053
Mouratón1640.12 UAH8.0014.8053
Torrontés1616.00 UAH7.501.8859
Godello1616.00 UAH7.501.8859
Treixadura1616.00 UAH7.501.8859
Verdiso1653.00 UAH7.000.2600
Palomino Fino11 596.61 UAH8.80245.9551
Garganega1785.88 UAH7.805.0994
Zibibbo11 141.00 UAH8.008.3061
Assyrtiko11 132.00 UAH7.501.0263
Juhfark1846.48 UAH7.501.3724
Nebbiolo11 469.19 UAH8.5062.7438
Nero di Troia1548.79 UAH7.250.7917

All ratings

2022-09-30SpainR. López de HerediaR. López de Heredia Viña Cubillo Crianza 201420147.501.8336
2022-09-30Germany2Naturkinder2Naturkinder Spätburgunder 201720177.000.1821
2022-09-30FranceLe GrappinLe Grappin Fleurie-Poncié 202020208.0014.8009
2022-09-28New ZealandSpy ValleySpy Valley Satellite Pinot Noir 202020207.000.3583
2022-09-27ItalyVino di AnnaVino di Anna Qvevri 'Don Alfio' 201620168.5080.5292
2022-09-27FranceJean GrivotJean Grivot Bourgogne Pinot Noir 201720178.006.4876
2022-09-27SpainFedellos do CoutoFedellos do Couto Bastarda 201720178.009.5567
2022-09-27AustraliaPatrick SullivanPatrick Sullivan Baw Baw Shire Ada River Chardonnay 201820188.5056.9027
2022-09-27GreeceSous Le VégétalSous Le Végétal Palli et Genesia 201820188.5090.5525
2022-09-27GermanyTomislav MarkovićTomislav Marković Quo Vadis 201920198.0010.1905
2022-09-27ItalyCostadilàCostadilà Mòz NVNV7.501.8882
2022-09-26AustraliaGentle FolkGentle Folk Little Creek Pinot Noir 202020208.007.9842
2022-09-25New ZealandClos HenriClos Henri Petit Clos Pinot Noir 201820187.754.4465
2022-09-24FranceFrancoise BedelFrancoise Bedel Origin'elle (2017) NVNV8.2514.1601
2022-09-24AustraliaTwo HandsTwo Hands Gnarly Dudes 202020207.250.5952
2022-09-24ArgentinaWeinertWeinert Merlot 201120117.754.6294
2022-09-24ItalyAdriano AdamiAdriano Adami Bosco di Gica NVNV7.502.1878
2022-09-23FranceJean FoillardJean Foillard Morgon Classique 201920197.250.6146
2022-09-23AustraliaNugan EstateNugan Estate Third Generation Chardonnay 201820187.252.1834
2022-09-22ArgentinaBodega ChacraBodega Chacra Barda Pinot Noir 202020207.250.3845
2022-09-22New ZealandClos HenriClos Henri Bel Echo River Stones Pinot Noir 201720177.753.9344
2022-09-22ItalyForadoriForadori Lezèr 202020207.501.9591
2022-09-22SpainCuevas de AromCuevas de Arom Pedra Forca Garnacha & Syrah 201620167.501.7763
2022-09-21FranceEgly-OurietEgly-Ouriet Brut Grand Cru (d2020) NVNV8.5034.7858
2022-09-21FranceDomaine Fournier Père et FilsDomaine Fournier Père et Fils Sauvignon Blanc F de Fournier 202020207.000.2854
2022-09-21FranceAnne et J.F. GanevatAnne et J.F. Ganevat Le Jaja du Fred 201920197.501.1224
2022-09-20FrancePierre FrickPierre Frick Pinoit Gris Macération Pur Vin 201920197.501.2937
2022-09-20FranceLe Vieux TélégrapheLe Vieux Télégraphe Châteauneuf du Pape Clos La Roquète 202020207.752.5319
2022-09-20South AfricaTestalongaTestalonga Baby Bandito Follow Your Dreams 202120217.501.8699
2022-09-20FranceBret BrothersBret Brothers Pouilly-Loché Climat La Colonge 201820187.803.7454
2022-09-20FranceDomaine Rossignol-TrapetDomaine Rossignol-Trapet Savigny-Les-Beaune Les Bas Liards 201920198.009.7103
2022-09-18South AfricaBoekenhoutskloofBoekenhoutskloof Porcupine Ridge Cabernet Sauvignon 201920196.500.0822
2022-09-18New ZealandSpy ValleySpy Valley Pinot Noir 201720177.502.0633
2022-09-18ArgentinaWeinertWeinert Merlot 201120117.754.6294
2022-09-18South AfricaSpier WinesSpier Wines Pinotage Signature 202020205.500.0054
2022-09-17ArgentinaBodega Catena ZapataBodega Catena Zapata Appellation San Carlos Cabernet Franc 201920197.502.2951
2022-09-16South AfricaAshbourneAshbourne Pinotage Cinsault 201920197.755.8649
2022-09-16MoldovaEt CeteraEt Cetera Pinot Noir 201820187.753.8873
2022-09-16ItalyLo ZoccolaioLo Zoccolaio Suculé Barbera d'Alba Superiore 201920197.501.8469
2022-09-15FranceJM DreyerJM Dreyer Anigma Pinot Noir 202020207.753.5946
2022-09-15ItalyPrunetoPruneto Chianti Classico 201320137.804.7533
2022-09-15ItalyŠkerkŠkerk Ograde 201720178.5078.5688
2022-09-15FranceMarguetMarguet Shaman 17 Grand Cru NVNV8.2518.2083
2022-09-15ItalyCostadilàCostadilà 450 slm NVNV6.000.0101
2022-09-15FrancePatrice BeguetPatrice Beguet Go Together Red 201920197.000.2339
2022-09-15AustraliaGentle FolkGentle Folk Summertown blanc 201920198.008.3663
2022-09-15FranceMatassaMatassa Rouge 201920198.007.4215
2022-09-15GermanyRita & Rudolf TrossenRita & Rudolf Trossen Schieferstern Purus Riesling trocken 201820187.753.5388
2022-09-14SpainCume do AviaCume do Avia Colleita #7 Tinto 201920197.754.8088
2022-09-14SpainBodegas OlarraBodegas Olarra Cerro Añon Reserva 201820187.401.6996
2022-09-13SpainRodrigo MéndezRodrigo Méndez Sálvora 201720178.5079.2626
2022-09-13SloveniaKmetija ŠtekarKmetija Štekar Rebula Prilo 201520158.5086.5065
2022-09-13ItalyForadoriForadori Fuoripista Pinot Grigio 201420148.2517.7719
2022-09-13FranceClos du Tue-BoeufClos du Tue-Boeuf Cheverny Rouillon 202020208.0012.2748
2022-09-13GermanyTomislav MarkovićTomislav Marković Parabole 201820188.5054.8052
2022-09-13SpainCa' di MatCa' di Mat Fuente de los Huertos 201720178.50110.3234
2022-09-13ItalyMarco De BartoliMarco De Bartoli Vignaverde 201920198.0015.2475
2022-09-13EnglandLyme BayLyme Bay Bacchus Block 201820187.501.4185
2022-09-13FranceDomaine de La BordeDomaine de La Borde Pinot Noir Sous la Roche 201820188.009.9675
2022-09-12New ZealandSaint ClairSaint Clair Origin Pinot Noir Marlborough 201920197.502.1492
2022-09-12FranceBaron de BraneBaron de Brane Margaux 201020107.751.2533
2022-09-12ItalyCaravaglioCaravaglio Occhio di Terra Salina 201920197.501.1617
2022-09-11ItalyTascaTasca Tenuta Tascante Ghiaia Nera 201720177.401.0452
2022-09-10SpainRaúl PérezRaúl Pérez La Clave 201820187.502.6106
2022-09-10SpainCa' di MatCa' di Mat Andrinal 201720178.0016.5603
2022-09-09SpainEls VinyeronsEls Vinyerons Saltamartí 202020207.402.3346
2022-09-09MoldovaEt CeteraEt Cetera Pinot Noir 201820187.501.3913
2022-09-08ItalyTascaTasca Tenuta Regaleali Perricone Guarnaccio 201820187.401.2436
2022-09-08ItalyMontevertineMontevertine Pian del Ciampolo 201720178.0010.5302
2022-09-06FrancePierre FrickPierre Frick Cremant d'Alsace 201720178.0012.8557
2022-09-06HungaryHummelHummel Villányi Portugieser 202020207.250.9273
2022-09-06SpainFedellos do CoutoFedellos do Couto Lomba dos Ares 201720178.0014.8053
2022-09-06SpainCume do AviaCume do Avia Arraiano Tinto 201920197.501.8859
2022-09-06ItalyCasa Coste PianeCasa Coste Piane Brichet Frizzante …Naturalmente NVNV7.000.2600
2022-09-06FrancePlanèresPlanères Grenache 201720176.500.1566
2022-09-02SpainVictoria E. Torres PecisVictoria E. Torres Pecis Vino de Solera de Listán Blanco 201320138.80245.9551
2022-09-02ItalyFilippiFilippi Soave Colli Scaligeri Castelcerino 201920197.805.0994
2022-09-02ItalyFrank CornelissenFrank Cornelissen Munjebel VA 201720177.751.9071
2022-09-02ItalyMarco De BartoliMarco De Bartoli Pietra Nera 202020208.008.3061
2022-09-02GreeceDomaine SigalasDomaine Sigalas Santorini 202020207.501.0263
2022-09-02SlovakiaBott FrigyesBott Frigyes Juhfark 201920197.501.3724
2022-09-02ItalyAntonioloAntoniolo Gattinara 201420148.5062.7438
2022-09-02GermanyWasenhausWasenhaus Vulkan 201820188.5047.5708
2022-09-02HungaryHummelHummel Schiller Fercsy 202120217.40
2022-09-02HungaryHummelHummel Pinot Noir 202020207.753.7875
2022-09-02HungaryBenczeBencze Atlas 201920197.000.1951
2022-09-02HungaryHummelHummel Csury 202120217.25
2022-09-02HungaryHummelHummel Resi 201920197.501.2625
2022-09-02HungaryHummelHummel Villányi Portugieser 202120217.40
2022-09-02ItalyValentina PassalacquaValentina Passalacqua Sintonia 201920197.250.7917

Final words

September was crazy. As much as I would love to organise more wine tasting events to meet demand, four events in one month are too much for me. At least in the current format. I want to maintain quality and provide all that extra that usually comes with my events. So in the next month, I plan only two events - one dedicated to atypical combinations of grapes and locations and one - to wines of Spain.

Safe travels!