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Monthly report - July 2022




Boris Buliga

A new month has begun, so it's time to look back at tasting notes for a monthly report. Novelties, favourites, outcasts and trends.

some random image you can find on barberry garden
Photo by Elvira Kantiieva

July was a crazy month. In terms of work, in terms of wines consumed, in terms of novelties. I am happy that August begins with a short vacation. That gives me a chance to clean up my mind and come back full of mental energy to continue living and working during these war times.

This month I've organised two tasting events and attended four tasting events. And that explains why I consumed 97 wines and rated 86 (with 88 ratings total). Ok, constant background stress is also a reason for drinking that much. But at least I can say that amount of red wines increases. This month only 65% of rated wines were white (compared to 74% the previous month).

2021 December74
2022 January40
2022 May29
2022 June59
2022 July88

Every month the most rated countries are Italy, Spain and France. They just shuffle. But my curiosity is in lower rows. This time Greece wines were rated seven times. And unfortunately, four of them were of poor quality, despite being made by a somewhat legendary oenologist. More on that later.

I am happy to see that I've tasted ten new regions this month. But I am just angry that I've rated so few wines from New Zealand. I know that there are many Pinot Noirs available in Good Wine. Yup, it's an official call for convives.

countrycountp avgr rmsqpr
Italy22918.58 UAH7.8142.6841
Spain17836.57 UAH7.4459.8540
France121 625.95 UAH8.1078.1038
Greece7826.03 UAH5.877.7333
Australia51 002.11 UAH7.8236.7383
Germany4900.36 UAH7.91418.1962
Hungary4660.52 UAH7.515.5604
Austria4564.64 UAH7.130.6145
South Africa3614.36 UAH7.583.5552
Argentina3562.86 UAH7.9059.4484
Czech Republic2616.73 UAH7.502.1355
Georgia2646.50 UAH7.8623.6626
Portugal1518.00 UAH7.000.3278
Ukraine1560.00 UAH5.500.0027
New Zealand1367.00 UAH5.250.0022

Vintage-wise, I started to drink fewer wines of 2019 vintage and more of 2020 vintage. Though somehow, I've got a spike in wines of the 2018 vintage. In that sense, the balance is good. And I am happy that I've got my hands on La Biancara Sassaia 1997. Legendary year for that region. You can read more here. I've tasted it as part of Mixed Bag Vol. 2: Orange.

vintagecountp avgr rmsqpr
20216490.55 UAH7.432.8521
202022729.84 UAH7.04178.3368
201911859.28 UAH7.7837.7327
2018161 089.14 UAH8.0143.9765
201771 011.86 UAH7.418.7237
20165918.82 UAH7.8228.0211
201421 742.50 UAH8.2536.6290
201311 596.61 UAH8.80245.9551
20091897.57 UAH8.50102.7021
199711 408.00 UAH8.60105.3895
NV16987.34 UAH7.2359.7753

In terms of grapes, July is a festival because I've rated wines made of 82 grapes! And 11 of them I tasted for the first time. Though if you take a closer look, many of them are rather rare. And it's really funny to see how hard it is to move Chardonnay and Pinot Noir away from the first lines.

grapecountp avgr rmsqpr
Pinot Noir121 222.03 UAH7.88251.1600
Chardonnay12895.79 UAH7.3516.9655
Xarel-lo5378.82 UAH6.771.7139
Macabeo5353.26 UAH6.661.2261
Malvasia di Candia Aromatica41 149.29 UAH7.9264.4832
Merlot4782.58 UAH7.9051.4646
Parellada4360.33 UAH6.460.6634
Palomino Fino31 422.87 UAH8.12142.0426
Cabernet Sauvignon3801.45 UAH7.9359.3407
Sauvignon Blanc3753.26 UAH7.2146.9912
Vidiano2750.00 UAH3.690.0004
Grillo2791.00 UAH7.9062.9811
Assyrtiko2941.00 UAH5.410.7257
Trousseau21 227.50 UAH7.8610.0555
Poulsard21 558.36 UAH8.3544.9420
Chenin Blanc2995.00 UAH7.8815.1994
Glera2921.14 UAH7.300.6151
Blauer Portugieser2468.55 UAH7.250.9273
Zibibbo21 326.55 UAH8.2564.9795
Savagnin2992.33 UAH7.9043.0834
Pinot Gris21 036.37 UAH7.756.0106
Sangiovese2902.52 UAH7.482.1784
Rondinella2732.02 UAH7.513.9184
Molinara2732.02 UAH7.513.9184
Corvina2732.02 UAH7.513.9184
Grüner Veltliner2568.00 UAH7.000.3287
Xinomavro2825.12 UAH7.8614.4496
Cariñena1621.29 UAH7.501.8699
Barbera1494.22 UAH7.756.5678
Athiri Lefko1750.00 UAH3.000.0000
Tempranillo1334.00 UAH7.402.3346
Liatiko1750.00 UAH5.000.0006
Alicante Henri Bouschet1620.00 UAH7.200.5787
Trebbiano11 031.18 UAH6.500.0287
Ortrugo11 031.18 UAH6.500.0287
Rkatsiteli1690.00 UAH8.2033.4085
Garganega11 408.00 UAH8.60105.3895
Pecorino11 003.00 UAH8.2528.8284
Ribolla Gialla1515.00 UAH7.502.2558
Furmint1865.00 UAH8.0010.9563
Dolcetto1413.00 UAH7.251.0520
Caiño1826.00 UAH7.501.4064
Mencía1826.00 UAH7.501.4064
Brancellao1826.00 UAH7.501.4064
Dornfelder1689.43 UAH7.501.6851
Listán Negro11 530.00 UAH8.006.1943
Blaufrankisch1651.00 UAH7.250.6674
Vijariego Blanco11 024.00 UAH7.501.1345
Malvasía Volcánica11 024.00 UAH7.501.1345
Nebbiolo11 695.00 UAH8.005.5913
Gewürztraminer1800.00 UAH7.501.4522
Cinsault1581.79 UAH7.755.5792
Nero d'Avola1781.04 UAH7.754.1559
Frappato1781.04 UAH7.754.1559
Rotgipfler1471.55 UAH7.250.9214
Riesling1471.55 UAH7.250.9214
Zierfandler1471.55 UAH7.250.9214
Pelaverga Piccolo1500.00 UAH7.502.3234
Grenache11 762.00 UAH8.2516.4102
Verdelho1518.00 UAH7.000.3278
Arinto1518.00 UAH7.000.3278
Viosinho1518.00 UAH7.000.3278
Pinot Meunier11 500.00 UAH7.200.2392
Muskateller1710.00 UAH7.000.2392
Bianchetta Trevigiana1792.28 UAH7.200.4529
Verdicchio1792.28 UAH7.200.4529
Malvasía de Sitges1820.00 UAH7.250.5299
Huxelrebe1760.00 UAH7.000.2234
Würzer1760.00 UAH7.000.2234
Müller-Thurgau1760.00 UAH7.000.2234
Hárslevelű1840.00 UAH7.501.3830
Malbec1897.57 UAH8.50102.7021
Moscato Giallo11 290.00 UAH8.007.3467
Vermentino11 290.00 UAH8.007.3467
Cortese1983.00 UAH8.009.6411
Saint-Laurent1439.77 UAH7.502.6417
Zweigelt1439.77 UAH7.502.6417
Field Blend1603.00 UAH7.501.9266
Sauvignon Gris11 078.73 UAH8.008.7856
Cabernet Franc11 126.75 UAH8.008.4111
Muscat Blanc1515.23 UAH7.502.2547

Before I share my favourites and outcasts of the month, let me briefly talk about the novelties of the month. It's either a new grape or a new region. As they say, the world of wine is incredibly vast.

As you can see, I was not lying when I said that July was crazy. So many new grapes and regions. But now the time has come for the trickiest part of the monthly report - the list of favourites. To help myself, I am going to select favourites in specific categories.

  1. My favourite traditional sparkling of the month is ★ 9.0 Ulysse Collin Les Maillons Blanc de Noirs Extra Brut (2017) NV. It could be Cascina Bertolotto Spumante Brut Metodo Classico NV because it was a blast during Mixed Bag, but I hope you understand my choice. Besides, I already included it in the favourites list in May.
  2. My favourite petnat of the month is ★ 7.5 Fio Wein Piu Piu Petnat Rosé NV. If you want white petnat, then I recommend ★ 7.5 Lucy Margaux Pinot Gris Comme de Fleurs 2020. Still available.
  3. My favourite skin contact wine is ★ 8.5 Gentle Folk Summertown blanc 2019. Aside from being well crafted and delicious, it also offers something new in terms of bouquet and palate. I am happy that I've shared it with others as part of Mixed Bag Vol. 2.
  4. My favourite white wine is ★ 8.6 La Biancara Sassaia 1997. A legendary year and incredible wine even at its peak.
  5. My favourite red wine is ★ 8.5 Domaine du Pélican Poulsard 2018. Nuff said. Delicate and complex expression of Poulsard by the skilful winemaker. Still available.
  6. My favourite wine with a unique style is ★ 8.8 Victoria E. Torres Pecis Vino de Solera de Listán Blanco 2013. I am pretty sure it's my first non-fortified Solera system wine. I simply fell in love with complexity, depth and palate. Still available.
  7. My favourite sparkling wine below 600 UAH is ★ 7.5 Els Vinyerons Pregadéu 2020. Incredible Cava with a fresh take on region style. Still available.
  8. My favourite still white wine below 600 UAH is ★ 7.4 Weinert Carrascal Chardonnay 2021. It's just tasty and generous. Still available.
  9. My favourite still red wine below 600 UAH is ★ 7.75 Testalonga Baby Bandito Chin Up 2021. The problem with this Cinsault is that it's quaffable to an unhealthy extent. Luckily, they are not available anymore. And this makes me sad. Other reds in this line are worth noting.
  10. And the wine I want to emphasise is ★ 8.5 Marco de Bartoli Integer Grillo 2018. Some would say that I just love Sicily. And that would be correct. But this Grillo became so beautiful after spending more time in the bottle that it's hard to forget.

And now, instead of listing all the outcasts of the month, I want to tell you about Iliana Malihin and Spyros Chryssos. Two talented people from two islands - Crete and Santorini. They united the effort to craft a future for their land using pre-phylloxera vines. On the 29th of July, we tasted a set of their wines without knowing anything about them. And the next day, after collecting information about tasted wines, I read an email by Jancis Robinson with disturbing news.

Later on Tuesday we heard devastating news from Christos Fatouros in Crete, who wrote about the subject of his entry, ‘nearly 80% of the pre-phylloxera vines owned by villagers that Ms Malihin had brought together were burned by wildfires, along with centuries-old olive trees. The people of Melampes are farmers and are now facing a grim future.’ We therefore decided to publish his entry on Wednesday, with a link to a crowdfunding initiative to help these Cretan farmers whose livelihood has literally gone up in smoke.

some random image you can find on barberry garden
Photo by Iliana Malihin

You can support their effort to restore viticulture on island on

All ratings

These are all the ratings of the month. Remember that you can search for specific terms and sort any column.

2022-07-31South AfricaTestalongaTestalonga Baby Bandito Follow Your Dreams 202120217.501.8699
2022-07-30ItalyCascina TavijnCascina Tavijn Bandita 201920197.756.5678
2022-07-29GreeceShima L.P WineryShima L.P Winery Thrapsathiri 202020203.000.0000
2022-07-29SpainEls VinyeronsEls Vinyerons Saltamartí 202020207.402.3346
2022-07-29GreeceShima L.P WineryShima L.P Winery Vidiano Old Vines 202020205.000.0006
2022-07-29FranceDomaine HuetDomaine Huet Le Haut-Lieu Sec 201720178.2521.4184
2022-07-29GreeceShima L.P WineryShima L.P Winery Liatiko 202020205.000.0006
2022-07-29SpainAlfredo MaestroAlfredo Maestro Don Perdigón Pet-Nat NVNV7.200.5787
2022-07-29GermanyWasenhausWasenhaus Spätburgunder 202020208.0010.8435
2022-07-29GreeceΡίζες 2Ρίζες 2 Βιδιανό - Ασύρτικο (Vidiano - Assyrtiko) 202020201.500.0000
2022-07-28GreeceKtima LigasKtima Ligas Spira 201920198.2020.3100
2022-07-28AustraliaGentle FolkGentle Folk Summertown blanc 201920198.5081.3769
2022-07-28ItalyLa StoppaLa Stoppa Ageno 201920196.500.0287
2022-07-28ItalyLa StoppaLa Stoppa Ageno 201820188.5091.0893
2022-07-28GeorgiaTsikhelishvili WinesTsikhelishvili Wines Alvani Rkatsiteli 201820188.2033.4085
2022-07-28ItalyLa BiancaraLa Biancara Sassaia 199719978.60105.3895
2022-07-28ItalyMarco De BartoliMarco De Bartoli Integer Grillo 201820188.5089.0651
2022-07-28AustraliaLucy MargauxLucy Margaux Pinot Gris Comme de Fleurs 202020207.501.2280
2022-07-27GermanyWasenhausWasenhaus Vulkan 202020209.00836.3204
2022-07-27ItalyDe FermoDe Fermo Don Carlino Pecorino Colline Pescaresi 201820188.2528.8284
2022-07-27ItalyPiera MartellozzoPiera Martellozzo Terre Magre Ribolla Gialla NVNV7.502.2558
2022-07-27HungaryOremusOremus Mandolás 201620168.0010.9563
2022-07-27SpainVictoria E. Torres PecisVictoria E. Torres Pecis Vino de Solera de Listán Blanco 201320138.80245.9551
2022-07-26ItalyFrancesco BoschisFrancesco Boschis Dogliani Vigne in Pianezzo 201620167.251.0520
2022-07-26SpainEls VinyeronsEls Vinyerons Lluerna 202120217.402.2456
2022-07-26ItalyCinque SegniCinque Segni Vigna Pura Grillo 202020207.250.7943
2022-07-25SpainAdegas GuimaroAdegas Guimaro Camiño Real 201720177.501.4064
2022-07-25GreeceDomaine SigalasDomaine Sigalas Santorini 202020207.501.0263
2022-07-25GermanyFio WeinFio Wein Piu Piu Petnat Rosé NVNV7.501.6851
2022-07-25SpainSuertes del MarquesSuertes del Marques El Chibirique 201720178.006.1943
2022-07-25FranceDomaine du PélicanDomaine du Pélican Trois Cépages 201820188.2014.1509
2022-07-25FranceDomaine du PélicanDomaine du Pélican Poulsard 201820188.5061.9623
2022-07-25AustriaHeinrichHeinrich Blaufränkisch 201720177.250.6674
2022-07-25ItalyCastello dei RampollaCastello dei Rampolla Chianti Classico 201820187.753.0421
2022-07-25SpainVictoria E. Torres PecisVictoria E. Torres Pecis Piezas #4 Malvasia Seco 201820188.006.1460
2022-07-25SpainSoco VinicolaSoco Vinicola Soco Blanco 202020207.501.1345
2022-07-25SpainMuchada-LéclapartMuchada-Léclapart Elixir 201720178.005.7507
2022-07-25ItalySandro FaySandro Fay Valtellina Superiore Valgella Riserva Carteria 201420148.005.5913
2022-07-24HungaryHummelHummel Villányi Portugieser 202020207.250.9273
2022-07-23SpainEls VinyeronsEls Vinyerons Pregadéu 202020207.502.8645
2022-07-22South AfricaTestalongaTestalonga Baby Bandito Stay Brave 202120217.501.8152
2022-07-22FrancePierre FrickPierre Frick Gewürztraminer Macération Pur Vin 201820187.501.4522
2022-07-21ItalyVilla CalicantusVilla Calicantus Soracuna 201820187.805.5200
2022-07-20South AfricaTestalongaTestalonga Baby Bandito Chin Up 202120217.755.5792
2022-07-20ItalyArianna OcchipintiArianna Occhipinti SP68 Rosso 201920197.754.1559
2022-07-20ItalyLa StoppaLa Stoppa Ageno 201820188.5091.0893
2022-07-19ArgentinaBodega Catena ZapataBodega Catena Zapata Appellation Tupungato Chardonnay 202020207.756.9955
2022-07-19SpainHoya de CadenasHoya de Cadenas Cava Brut Nature NVNV7.402.3992
2022-07-18AustriaLoimerLoimer Gluegglich Weiß Glückliches NVNV7.250.9214
2022-07-18ItalyBel ColleBel Colle Verduno Pelaverga 202020207.502.3234
2022-07-18SpainComando GComando G Rozas 1-er Cru 201820188.2516.4102
2022-07-18PortugalQuinta de ChocapalhaQuinta de Chocapalha Branco 201720177.000.3278
2022-07-16FrancePierre TrichetPierre Trichet L’Authentique Premier Cru Brut NVNV7.200.2392
2022-07-16FranceGérard BertrandGérard Bertrand Cote des Roses Rouge 202020207.401.3561
2022-07-16AustriaLoimerLoimer Pet Nat 202020207.000.2392
2022-07-16SpainVilla ClaraVilla Clara Cava Brut NVNV7.000.5660
2022-07-15ItalyCostadilàCostadilà 280 slm NVNV7.200.4529
2022-07-15Czech RepublicKrasna HoraKrasna Hora Blanc de Noir Sekt 201820187.501.4637
2022-07-15SpainClos LentiscusClos Lentiscus Gentleman 201620167.250.5299
2022-07-15GermanyMartoMarto Crazy Crazy 202020207.000.2234
2022-07-15UkrainePrince Trubetskoi WineryPrince Trubetskoi Winery Blanc de Blancs 201720175.500.0027
2022-07-15ItalyCa Dei ZagoCa Dei Zago Valdobbiadene Metodo Classico Dosaggio Zero 201820187.400.7426
2022-07-15FranceHudelot-NoëllatHudelot-Noëllat Bourgogne Pinot Noir 201920198.008.7428
2022-07-15FranceJacques LassaigneJacques Lassaigne La Colline Inspirée NVNV8.003.1709
2022-07-15HungaryHummelHummel Karašica PetNat Hárslevelű 202020207.501.3830
2022-07-15FranceUlysse CollinUlysse Collin Les Maillons Blanc de Noirs Extra Brut (2017) NVNV9.00237.5150
2022-07-15ItalyCà del VéntCà del Vént Sogno Blanc de Blancs Pas Operé 201420148.5051.4986
2022-07-13SpainLacrima BaccusLacrima Baccus Brut Reserva 201920197.201.2000
2022-07-13ArgentinaWeinertWeinert Cavas de Weinert Cask Selection 200920098.50102.7021
2022-07-12AustraliaMomento MoriMomento Mori Fistful of Flowers 202020208.007.3467
2022-07-08HungaryHummelHummel Villányi Portugieser 202020207.250.9273
2022-07-08ItalyCascina Degli UliviCascina Degli Ulivi Filagnotti 201620168.009.6411
2022-07-07Czech RepublicKrasna HoraKrasna Hora Ruby 202020207.502.6417
2022-07-07AustraliaJacob's CreekJacob's Creek Sparkling Rosé NVNV7.000.3297
2022-07-05ItalyCascina BertolottoCascina Bertolotto Spumante Brut Metodo Classico NVNV8.2026.9316
2022-07-05GeorgiaPheasant's TearsPheasant's Tears Poliphonia 201920197.501.9266
2022-07-05FranceÉric ChevalierÉric Chevalier Cirrus 201820188.008.7856
2022-07-05FranceMatassaMatassa Cuvée Alexandria 201920198.5091.7147
2022-07-05FranceDomaine du PélicanDomaine du Pélican Savagnin Ouillé 201620168.5060.9222
2022-07-05AustraliaPatrick SullivanPatrick Sullivan Rain Field Blend 201920198.008.4111
2022-07-05ItalyVilla CalicantusVilla Calicantus Sollazzo 201820187.200.4862
2022-07-04ArgentinaWeinertWeinert Carrascal Chardonnay 202120217.402.3846
2022-07-03ItalySan LeonardoSan Leonardo Vette 201920197.501.5286
2022-07-03AustriaWeingut BründlmayerWeingut Bründlmayer Hauswein Grüner Veltliner 202120217.000.3986
2022-07-02New ZealandFélix SolísFélix Solís Pulpo Sauvignon Blanc NVNV5.250.0022
2022-07-02GreeceKir-YianniKir-Yianni Paranga Sparkling NVNV7.502.2547
2022-07-02SpainMas PereMas Pere Selecció Brut Cava NVNV5.500.0038
2022-07-01SpainBachBach Cava Gran Brut NVNV6.000.0141