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Gewürztraminer Macération Pur Vin - 2018

Pierre Frick

3.80 / 5.0

white still, dry
Alsace AOC, France
Pierre Frick
800 UAH
not available
Pierre Frick Gewürztraminer Macération Pur Vin 2018


3.80 / 5.0750 ml@Wix Kyiv Office

The combination of funkiness and tropical character on such high levels is not my thing. It is great for parties when you need something bright in the background, not to distract you from conversations, but still perceptible without a single effort. So the award of the rotten tropical bomb goes to this macerated Gewürztraminer. Ten-days old mango, spoiling pineapple, passion fruit that has lost all its passion, orange peel with a host of fluffy mildew, ginger and (god bless) honey! I know it sounds awful, but this wine is good and aligned in style with other wines by Pierre Frick. Intense and rich. Good acidity with some nice bitterness in the aftertaste. Yup, it is vulgar, but hey, you need an alternative for overoaked bold wines for a modern audience.

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Pierre Frick

At a glance

  • Natural Winemaking Pioneer: Pierre Frick is a trailblazer in natural and biodynamic winemaking in Alsace, with a family legacy deeply rooted in organic practices since the 1970s and biodynamic cultivation from 1981.
  • Diverse and Expressive Terroirs: The Frick estate boasts a rich mosaic of limestone terrains across Alsace, producing wines that vividly articulate the unique characteristics of their Grand Cru sites and other distinguished plots.
  • Innovation and Authenticity: Committed to authenticity and quality, Pierre Frick's wines are notable for their no added sulphur approach and innovative bottling practices, offering a pure and unfiltered experience of Alsace's varietal richness.

Pierre Frick, a name synonymous with the avant-garde of natural winemaking in Alsace, France, has cemented his legacy over twelve generations, cultivating an indelible connection to the vine. With a sprawling estate of 12 hectares meticulously overseen by Jean-Pierre, Chantal Frick, and their son Thomas, the Frick family has become a beacon of organic and biodynamic viticulture since the early 1970s. Pierre and his wife Annette were early adopters of organic farming, a commitment that extended to biodynamic practices in 1981, well ahead of the curve, ensuring the health of their soil, vines, and the wines they produce.

The Frick vineyards span a variety of limestone terrains across a 15 km expanse, featuring distinguished plots like the Grand Cru Steiner (Pfaffenheim), Grand Cru Vorburg (Ruffach), and Grand Cru Eichberg (Eguisheim), among others. These diverse terroirs, varying in soil composition and exposure, are the foundation upon which the Fricks build their remarkable wines, celebrated for their purity, vitality, and expression of place. Notably, Pierre Frick's wines are renowned for their no added sulphur variants, a testament to their dedication to producing wines that are as natural as they are expressive. Since 1999, the Fricks have vinified and bottled wines without the addition of sulphites, offering an unadulterated taste of Alsace's varietal spectrum, including the elusive Blanc de Noir and sweet wines, capturing the essence of the vineyard's fruit.

Pierre Frick's commitment to natural winemaking extends beyond the vineyard and cellar practices to include innovations like the use of bottle caps instead of corks, a decision aimed at reducing the loss associated with corked wines. This pragmatic yet pioneering approach has not only preserved the integrity of their wines but also highlighted the Fricks' forward-thinking ethos. As a result, Pierre Frick's wines, especially his age-worthy Rieslings, Pinot Gris macerations, and exquisite Crémants, stand as a hallmark of excellence in natural winemaking, inspiring wine enthusiasts and winemakers worldwide with their elegance, complexity, and unwavering authenticity.