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Première Cuvée (d2017) - NV

Bruno Paillard

4.2 / 5.0

France » Champagne AOC
white traditional sparkling, extra brut
On lees
36 months
Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Pinot Meunier
4371 UAH
not available
Bruno Paillard Première Cuvée (d2017) NV


4.2 / 5.0750 ml@Wix Kyiv Office · Bruno Paillard: Collection Anciens Dégorgements

A 'vertical' tasting of Bruno Paillard Première Cuvée NV. Disgorged in June 2017. This one already speaks in nuts. A beautiful bouquet of honey, Jerez, almonds, butter and chalk. Almost perfectly balanced and complex. The aftertaste is long and flavourful. Nicely evolves. Probably, the best stage to drink this wine if you want complexity but dislike mould notes. Off we go to older stuff.

Wine #3 on Bruno Paillard: Collection Anciens Dégorgements event.

Bruno Paillard

Champagne Bruno Paillard, nestled in the Champagne region's heart in Reims, stands as a testament to the dedication and vision of its founder, Bruno Paillard. Born in 1953 into a family with deep roots in Champagne as brokers and growers in the Grand Crus villages of Bouzy and Verzenay, Bruno embarked on his journey in the wine industry as a broker in 1975. This experience provided him with extensive knowledge of Champagne, laying the foundation for his future endeavours.

In 1981, driven by the desire to create a unique and distinct Champagne, Bruno Paillard sold his prized Jaguar to fund his venture. Starting in a rented cellar, he meticulously selected grapes from independent growers, crafting Champagnes that reflected his personal style. This initial phase was marked by a focus on export, quickly garnering recognition for the quality of Bruno Paillard Champagnes, particularly among Anglo-Saxon critics from the 1990s onwards.

In 1994, Bruno began acquiring vineyards, starting with three hectares of Grand Crus in Oger in the Côte des Blancs. This marked the beginning of a patient and strategic expansion, culminating in a remarkable vineyard that today spans 32 hectares, including 12 hectares of Grand Crus. These vineyards provide more than half of the grapes needed by the Maison, with the rest still sourced from long-standing independent grower partners across more than 30 villages.

Alice Paillard, Bruno's daughter, joined the Maison in 2007, bringing a new dimension to the family business. Together, they have continued to produce Champagnes that are renowned for their depth, elegance, and distinctive expression. The Maison is committed to sustainable agriculture, reflecting a deep respect for the land and its terroir.

The Champagne Bruno Paillard portfolio includes several emblematic cuvées, each showcasing the Maison's commitment to quality and innovation. The "Dosage: Zero" cuvée epitomizes the house's pursuit of purity, offering a generous and saline expression. The "Blanc de Blancs Grand Cru" is an intensely aromatic Champagne, perfect for aperitifs and delicate dishes. The "N.P.U. - Nec Plus Ultra" represents the pinnacle of the Maison's craftsmanship, with only eight vintages meeting its stringent criteria for excellence.

Bruno Paillard's approach to Champagne production is characterized by a meticulous focus on ageing on lees and disgorgement (they are among the first ones to put the disgorgement date on their labels). The extended ageing process, which can be two to four times longer than the minimum required by the appellation, allows the wines to develop their full complexity. This commitment to quality extends to every aspect of production, from the sustainable cultivation of their vineyards to the careful selection of grapes and the precision of the winemaking process.

Champagne Bruno Paillard is a story of passion, dedication, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. From its humble beginnings to its current status as a revered Champagne house, the journey of Bruno Paillard and his daughter Alice continues to inspire and delight Champagne enthusiasts worldwide.