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Grappoli del Grillo - 2018

Marco De Bartoli

4.20 / 5.0

white still, dry
Sicilia DOC, Italy
998 UAH
not available
Marco De Bartoli Grappoli del Grillo 2018


4.20 / 5.0750 ml

At first Grappoli del Grillo was a huge disappointment until I changed my glass from universal to aroma collector. That was a game changer. We might argue that a great wine should deliver no matter the glass, but I don't agree with that statement (comment section please). Delicate and sophisticated. Iodine, lime, lemon zest and camomile. Shows character, long evolving aftertaste with flavours of camomile and lime soaked in sea.

Marco De Bartoli

Marco de Bartoli is a name synonymous with innovation and reverence in Sicilian winemaking, particularly noted for reviving the island's traditional and noble wine, Marsala. Born into a family of esteemed Marsala producers, Marco chose a path less traveled in the late 20th century. He focused on quality and traditional methods at a time when Marsala's reputation was dwindling due to industrial production. His dedication led to the establishment of his winery in the 1970s in the western part of Sicily near the historic town of Marsala.

De Bartoli championed the use of the indigenous Grillo grape, insisting on meticulous vineyard management and reduced yields to produce concentrated, flavorful grapes. His methods included the revival of the solera system and aging in oak barrels, enhancing the complexity and depth of his wines. His commitment wasn't limited to Marsala; he also produced outstanding still wines, notably from the Zibibbo grape in the tiny island of Pantelleria.

The estate, now run by Marco's children, continues his legacy of artisanal production and strict adherence to quality. It's a standard bearer for organic farming in the region, ensuring that each bottle reflects the pure expression of the land and its history.

Marco's influence extends beyond his own vineyards. He is widely credited with inspiring a new generation of Sicilian winemakers dedicated to quality and authenticity. His vision and passion redefined Sicilian wine, establishing a legacy of excellence and innovation that endures in the region's wine industry today. His commitment to tradition, combined with a willingness to innovate, has made Marco de Bartoli's name synonymous with the finest wines of Sicily.