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Barbaresco Faset - 2020

Piercarlo Culasso

4.20 / 5.0

red still, dry
Barbaresco DOCG, Italy
1740 UAH
3 bottles
Piercarlo Culasso Barbaresco Faset 2020

Barbaresco Faset is produced entirely from Nebbiolo grapes, sourced from the Faset Cru in the Barbaresco municipality. The vineyard is situated at an altitude ranging between 250 to 270 meters above sea level, with a south-west exposure that facilitates optimal sunlight interception. The soil composition primarily consists of Sant'Agata marls, with significant proportions of limestone and clay, contributing to the distinctive terroir expression of the wine.

The fermentation process spans 15 to 20 days, conducted in stainless steel tanks with temperature meticulously controlled to ensure a conducive environment for the yeast activity. Following fermentation, the wine is aged for approximately 12 months. For the 2018 and 2019 vintages, neutral French oak barriques were employed for aging, while from the 2020 vintage onwards, the aging process transitioned to French barrels. This wine's journey commenced with its first vintage produced in 2018, showcasing the meticulous viticultural and oenological practices employed in its production.


4.20 / 5.0750 ml@Lo Kyiv

Unveils itself with a perfumed punch of red flowers, red berries, and wet earth. Smooth on the palate - delicate, juicy, balanced. Feminine finesse in a bottle. Sophisticated, elegant and delicious - you crave more after each sip.

Piercarlo Culasso

Established in 2017, the family-run winery embarked on its vinification journey with a focus on crafting wines from the Nebbiolo grapes sourced from their own vineyards located in the sub-zone of Faset. The roots of winemaking run deep in the family, tracing back to the 1970s when Piercarlo's father, Dante, engaged in wine production. Piercarlo joined the family venture in 2000, dedicating several years to meticulously cultivating the vineyards. With each passing year, his expertise flourished, leading to a significant reduction in the use of chemicals in the vineyards. He used various types of green manure between the rows, tailored to the soil composition, focused on thinning practices, and took measures to prevent excessive sun exposure to the grape clusters.

The enduring objective in the vineyard has been to harvest mature yet still fresh, crisp, and uncooked clusters. In 2017, Piercarlo reignited the winemaking process, backed by the unwavering support of his family. The wines produced are a testament to the legacy of old vineyards and time-honoured traditions, passed down from father to son, resonating with the essence of their lineage.

In the winery, innovations have been embraced to yield clean, flawless wines, avoiding any excessive interventions. This approach ensures that each glass of wine embodies the clearest possible expression of that particular vintage. Recognizing that every vintage is distinct, with its own set of characteristics, it's pivotal to discern these nuances in the glass and comprehend how the grapes reacted to varying conditions presented throughout the season. Through a blend of ancestral wisdom and modern innovation, Piercarlo Culasso strives to encapsulate the purest expression of their terroir and the resilient Nebbiolo grape in every bottle crafted.