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Perpetuum Blanc - 2017

Johannes Zillinger

4.4 / 5.0

Austria » Wein
white still, dry
Sauvignon Blanc
2186 UAH
not available
Johannes Zillinger Perpetuum Blanc 2017

Located at an elevation of 190 meters above sea level, this wine is produced from 35-40 year-old vines. The vinification process involves wild yeasts and no temperature control, with 50% direct pressing and 50% undergoing short maceration. It's aged for 14 months under flor and on full lees, bottled without filtration, fining, or added SO₂. Made entirely from Sauvignon Blanc.


4.4 / 5.0750 ml@Lo Bar · Johannes Zillinger Uncorked by Vasyl Velykanskiy

This wine presents an excellent, intriguing, and complex bouquet, marked by an array of aromas including rotten fruits, honey, chamomile, oil, the white fat stripes of Jamon, and pear. The palate enjoys a long aftertaste that evolves beautifully, revealing flavours of bruised apples, nuts, Jerez, and candied fruits, reminiscent of an oxidized still Champagne. Notably, it also features nicely integrated tannins, adding to its complexity. This multilayered and delicious wine is persistent on the palate, striking a balance with moderate funkiness.

Wine #6 on Johannes Zillinger Uncorked by Vasyl Velykanskiy event.

Johannes Zillinger

Johannes Zillinger, a third-generation winemaker, has adeptly steered the family winery into the modern era while deeply rooting his practices in the history and tradition of his forebears. The Zillinger winery, owned by Johannes's family since 1673, stands as a testament to a long-standing heritage of viticulture, with origins tracing back to Bavarian settlers relocated by the church in the 16th century to cultivate church lands. Transitioning to organic farming in the early 1980s under his father's guidance, one of Austria's pioneers in organic viticulture, Johannes has since embraced biodynamic farming with a zeal that reflects both respect for the legacy and a forward-thinking approach. His vineyards, including some of the oldest St. Laurent vines in the region, are managed with minimal intervention, embodying his belief in letting nature dictate the course. The shift towards biodynamics under Johannes's stewardship has been marked by innovations (on the region scale) like the introduction of qvevri and a commitment to practices that enhance the vitality and expressiveness of his wines.

Navigating Johannes Zillinger's wines is an exploration of his philosophy and the diversity of his vineyards, categorized into four distinct series: Velue, Reflexion, Revolution, and Numen. The Velue series, named after both the old name of the village Velm-Götzendorf (where the winery is located) and the willow trees lining the local rivers, offers an accessible entry point into Zillinger's approach to natural winemaking. These wines, characterized by their lightness, everyday appeal, and minimalistic vinification, are a testament to the unique terroir and Johannes's dedication to biodynamic practices. The Reflexion series takes a more focused approach, showcasing single-vineyard, single-varietal wines that serve as intricate portraits of their specific terroir, varietal, and vintage. These wines are crafted to express the complexity and nuances of their origins.

The Revolution series embodies Johannes's playful and experimental side, featuring wines that break from tradition and offer a fresh, dynamic experience. Utilizing methods like short-time maceration, the Solera system, and experiments with PIWI vines, this line is designed to redefine everyday drinking wines with its distinct, far-from-mainstream character. Lastly, the Numen series represents the pinnacle of Zillinger's winemaking, with grapes sourced from the oldest vines and vinified with minimal intervention. This series is a profound expression of divine influence and fate, capturing the essence of the vineyard's history and Johannes's winemaking philosophy. Each of these series offers a unique perspective on Zillinger's craftsmanship, providing both novices and connoisseurs with an enriching exploration of Austrian natural wines.