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L'Âme de la Terre Millésime - 2006

Françoise Bedel

4.46 / 5.0

white sparkling, extra-brut
Champagne AOC, France
On lees
156 months
Pinot Meunier, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir
4100 UAH
not available
Françoise Bedel L'Âme de la Terre Millésime 2006


4.50 / 5.0750 ml@Wix Kyiv Office · Champagne Bag Vol. 1

This wine remains a continual delight, offering a rare combination of affordability and skilled craftsmanship in a 17-year-old Champagne. It presents earthy tones of wet leaves and a damp cellar, complemented by notes of Jerez, chalk, mushrooms, baked apples and honey, alongside nutty undertones. Almost perfectly balanced, it is pronounced, nuanced, fresh, and rich, culminating in a wonderful tasting experience.

Wine #5 on Champagne Bag Vol. 1 event.

4.50 / 5.0750 ml@101 Bar · Small Growers: 45 years past the revolution

This wine remains a standout for its consistent gorgeousness and sophistication. It boasts an intense and delicious profile, marked by earthy tones of wet leaves and a damp cellar. The complexity is heightened with notes of Jerez and chalk, along with the richness of mushrooms. Bruised apples bring a fruity depth, while honey and nuts add a sweet and nutty character. Floral hints of tilia and intriguing medicinal notes further contribute to its allure. On the palate, it strikes a perfect balance, showcasing its multilayered depth and persistent flavours. The wine offers an exceptional QPR ratio, making its excellence even more remarkable.

Wine #10 on Small Growers: 45 years past the revolution event.

4.50 / 5.0750 ml@Garage

A lovely bottle that makes me happy every time we open it. Intense, multilayered and sophisticated. Great style.

4.40 / 5.0750 ml@Garage

Any day ending with a bottle of this wine is a good day. Consistently gorgeous, intense, sophisticated and delicious wine. Wet leaves, wet cellar, Jerez, chalk, mushrooms, bruised apples, honey and nuts. Perfectly balanced, multilayered and persistent. You wake up with every taste bud remembering the taste.

4.40 / 5.0750 ml@Garage · Champagne Party by Vova Vol. 1

I guessed Bedel and this specific wine. My bet was based on the combination of style and age. What can I say? Marvellous wine. Wet leaves, wet cellar, Jerez, chalk, mushrooms, bruised apples, honey and nuts. Fresh, intense and almost perfectly balanced with a very long aftertaste. It's multilayered and sophisticated.

Wine #2 on Champagne Party by Vova Vol. 1 event.

4.40 / 5.0750 ml@Home

What a beauty. Expressive, intense and generous, it greets you warmly with notes of the wet cellar, mushrooms, Jerez, baked and bruised apples, honey and nuts. Soft, almost perfectly balanced, multilayered with a long and persistent aftertaste. Arguably, one of the best value for money among Champagne wines. Besides, I was lucky to get it for ~$60.

4.50 / 5.0750 ml@Home

The Soul of the Earth. 16 years old cuvée that spent 13 years on lees. Result? Amazing! Expressive oxidative bouquet full of baked apples, bruised apples, honey, nuts and Jerez. Soft, almost perfectly balanced, multilayered with good volume and long evolving aftertaste. Delicious.

Françoise Bedel

Françoise Bedel stands out not only for her remarkable journey into winemaking but also for her unique approach to viticulture and winemaking. Hailing from the village of Crouttes-sur-Marne, located on the western edge of Champagne, Bedel's estate is a testament to her dedication and passion for winemaking. Her journey into biodynamic winemaking, inspired by her personal experiences and a deep reverence for nature, has set her apart in a region celebrated for its long-standing conventional vinegrowing and winemaking traditions.

The 8-hectare estate, cultivated with vines aged between 30 and 60 years, reflects Bedel's commitment to biodynamic practices since 1998. This approach, centred around the interplay between soil, subsoil, and the vine's root system, allows for the fullest expression of the terroir in her grapes. The unique bio-dynamic compost used in the vineyards, containing preparations made from yarrow, chamomile, nettle, oak bark, dandelion, and valerian, is a testament to her dedication to fostering a harmonious relationship between the vineyard and its natural environment.

Located in the Marne Valley, known for its quality Pinot Meunier grapes, Bedel's estate predominantly focuses on this variety, along with smaller plantings of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. Her Champagnes, often aged for more than six years on the lees, are renowned for their depth and complexity. This extended lees ageing, combined with low or zero dosage, results in Champagnes with significant weight, heft, and lingering acidity.