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Brut Rosé Reserve - NV

Weingut Bründlmayer

8.00 / 10

rose sparkling, brut
Niederösterreich, Austria
Pinot Noir, Saint-Laurent, Zweigelt
1100 UAH, 989 UAH, 831 UAH, 1000 UAH
not available
Weingut Bründlmayer Brut Rosé Reserve NV

Grapes are harvested between the first week of September and the second week of October. This sparkling wine is made of main red varieties Pinot Noir, Zweigelt and St Laurent. These grapes are sourced from different chalky parcels in our vineyards which lends the wine freshness and while most of the sites are southeast facing slopes, the wine also receives warmth. The harvested grapes are transported in small cases directly into the cellar, where they are very gently and carefully pressed. Only the heart of the must is used for the sparkling production.

The base wines of the individual grape varieties were vinified separately and went through malolactic fermentation. Subsequently, the cuvée was produced (with the somewhat more powerful charges of the Zweigelt used for the still rosé wine).

The base cuvée is vinified in the bottle in classic fashion by adding sugar and yeast after bottling and gets 18 - 24 months yeast contact before the process of remuage. After prolonged elevation on the yeast the bottles are disgorged.



8.00 / 10750 ml@Carpathian Mountains

Constantly delivers. One of my favourite rosé sparkling wines. Nice combination of red berries like red currant and toasty notes. Sharp, refreshing, well balanced with long aftertaste.

8.00 / 10750 ml@Goodwine TSUM

Rose Sparkling wine tasting event at Goodwine TSUM.

Great as always. It's definitely my go to sparkling rosé when I want some (and I rarely do). Wild strawberries, red currant, cream, cherry, toast. Well balanced, good acidity, wonderful mousse with ripe red currant flavours.

8.00 / 10750 ml@Wix Kyiv Office

We had a Rosé Petals Party (just a respectable name for a rosé wine binge). And what a party without sparkling? When it comes to rosé, Bründlmayer beats this price segment and can be compared to basic Champagne in terms of what you get. Not simple, but easy going and enjoyable. Fistful of strawberries, wild red berries, toast and popcorn. Sharp and refreshing.

Wine #1 on Rose Petals Party event.

8.00 / 10750 ml

Amazing traditional sparking rosé. Cheese popcorn, wild red berries, and toast bread. Refreshing with long and evolving aftertaste, creamy texture with red currant flavours. Nice.

8.00 / 10750 ml

4.0 Amazing traditional sparkling from Austria. 2 years on lees. Wild strawberry, nuts, toast bread. Refreshing, long and evolving aftertaste. Flavours of cream and wild strawberries. Wonderful Champagne alternative. I am impressed.