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Malterdinger Weiss - 2020

Bernhard Huber

4.1 / 5.0

Germany » Baden » Qualitätswein
white still, dry
Pinot Blanc, Chardonnay
1576 UAH
1 bottles
Bernhard Huber Malterdinger Weiss 2020


4.1 / 5.0750 ml@Boris

I don't get why some people complain about this wine. In my book, it's wonderful—sophisticated, multilayered, and relatively intense. It has nice fruit and riverbank notes, but nothing filthy or too opulent. Notes of lemon, gunpowder, wet stone, mould, green hazelnut, apple, and butter. Crisp acidity, wonderful oak influence, and a long, flavourful aftertaste. Just wonderful.

4.0 / 5.0750 ml@101 Bar

Gunpowder and citrus ignite the nose, flanked by apple, butter, and raw hazelnut with a dash of mould. The 2020 Malterdinger Weiss carries a medium body, veering towards a crisp stance without tripping on overdone oak. It's fresh, almost cracking and delicate. Would love to see how it develops with time.

Bernhard Huber

At a glance

  • Legacy of Pinot Noir: Bernhard Huber was pivotal in the recognition of German Pinot Noir on the global stage, leveraging Malterdingen's unique terroir that mirrors Burgundy's, to produce wines that often rival their French counterparts in quality and complexity.
  • Continuation of Excellence: The winery is currently led by Julian Huber, who embodies a dynamic blend of his father's profound legacy and his own innovative approach to winemaking, aiming to enhance the estate's reputation for crafting exquisite Pinot Noir.
  • Philosophy of Winemaking: The Huber estate focuses on dry wines, allowing full fermentation and long lees contact.

The Bernhard Huber winery, situated in the historic wine-growing village of Malterdingen in Baden, Germany, carries a legacy deeply rooted in the tradition of Pinot Noir cultivation, a practice initiated by Cistercian monks over 700 years ago. These monks, recognizing the similarity of Malterdingen's shell limestone weathered soil to that of Burgundy, introduced Pinot Noir to the region, setting a precedent for excellence. Bernhard Huber, often hailed as the German Godfather of Pinot Noir, was instrumental in elevating the status of German Pinot Noir to world-class standards, drawing comparisons to the esteemed wines of Burgundy due to the region's cool climate and limestone soils. His commitment to producing predominantly dry wines through complete fermentation and extended yeast contact has been a hallmark of the estate's philosophy.

Today, the winery is under the stewardship of Julian Huber, Bernhard's son, who continues to uphold the family's winemaking legacy while also infusing his own vision into the estate's operations. Julian's approach, shaped by his education and experiences, both at home and in the Côte d'Or, reflects a blend of reverence for tradition and a forward-looking perspective on winemaking. Under his guidance, the winery has seen subtle yet significant innovations, further refining the balance, subtlety, and complexity of their Pinot Noirs. The Huber estate's commitment to capturing the essence of Malterdingen's terroir, alongside Julian's burgeoning talent and respect for his father's groundwork, ensures that Bernhard Huber's legacy thrives, continuing to produce Pinots that are both powerfully expressive and elegantly restrained.