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Quintero Vidueño Viejísimo L-19 - NV

Bimbache Vinicola

4.5 / 5.0

Spain » Vino de Mesa
white still, sweet
Verijadiego Blanco, Field Blend
3811 UAH
not available
Bimbache Vinicola Quintero Vidueño Viejísimo L-19 NV

QVV is born from the selection of the finest demijohns of old and very old sweet wines and very old sweet wines that the Quintero family has aged for decades in its decades in their small cellar in Sabinosa. Made in the traditional way with overripe grapes, fermented in large wooden vats where they are then subjected to a where they are then subjected to a slow process of oxidation, concentration and refinement, concentration and refinement. The basis of these extraordinary sweets is found in the vineyard: volcanic soils and a blend of old varieties, led by the white Verijadiego the Verijadiego blanco, make possible an acid balance that is so rare in sweet wines without unusual in sweet wines without heading.

Bimbache Vinicola


4.5 / 5.0375 ml@Wix Kyiv Office · Rosso Oslavia

This wine is nothing short of phenomenal. I'm completely taken by its unique blend of flavors: buckwheat porridge, Madeira notes, (pleasant) bog, animal farm, lemon, peach, and tea. The way these elements come together is just extraordinary.

The long aftertaste is akin to a cup of tea infused with lemon and honey, which then evolves to unveil further complexities of caramel-flavoured popcorn, fried sugar, and walnut. The tannin in this wine deserves special mention; it's absolutely delightful. There's also a pleasant element of freshness that persists, making the wine easy to enjoy despite its 14.5% ABV.

This bottle is a unicorn, and I am happy to enjoy it.

Wine #6 on Rosso Oslavia event.