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Le mie Origini - 2019

Alessandro Viola

4.10 / 5.0

white still, dry
IGP Terre Siciliane, Italy
980 UAH, 889 UAH
not available
Alessandro Viola Le mie Origini 2019


4.00 / 5.0750 ml@Elvira Kantiieva · Home Party Vol. 1

For some reason, I completely forgot how beautiful this wine is. It's not pretentious but rather honest and generous. Over time all the craziness packed its suits and moved to fresher releases. Buckwheat honey mixed with tilia honey, stone fruits, dried herbs and some citrus notes. Mineral on the palate, juicy, elegant and round.

Wine #5 on Home Party Vol. 1 event.

4.00 / 5.0750 ml@Yellow Place Letka

Not sure if it's because of time or just a bottle variation, but the experience is completely different. It's less crazy, more like a calm orange wine. Buckwheat honey, stone fruits, tea and dried herbs. Well balanced, fresh and just delicious.

4.20 / 5.0750 ml

Elegant Catarratto. Baked apples, a little bit of soaked apples and cider, honey and medicinal herbs. Charming, refreshing, great acidity (hey, it's Sicily), very long and evolving aftertaste. Flavours start with golden apples, change to baked apples and end with oil and honey.

4.20 / 5.0750 ml

Beautiful Catarratto from Alessandro Viola. The first sniff reminded me of his Blanc de Blancs, with these ripe apples and stone fruits. But then honey and candies come into play and very good acidity. And it's a completely different story. Perfectly balanced, flavours of yellow apples, and salty rocks. Love the long finish and overall parity of fruitness and minerality.

Alessandro Viola

Alessandro Viola is a small winery owning 7 hectares of vineyard planted with grapes Grillo, Nero d'Avola, Nerello Mascalese and Catarratto. It is located in Trapani province, near Alcamo city in Pietra district and just on the rest of Mount Bonifitato.