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Château Cibon Cuvée Hommage à Marius Rosé Tibouren Prestige Cru Classé - 2019

Clos Cibonne

4.20 / 5.0

rose still, dry
Côtes de Provence AOC, France
Clos Cibonne
Tibouren, Grenache
1809 UAH, 1946 UAH
not available
Clos Cibonne Château Cibon Cuvée Hommage à Marius Rosé Tibouren Prestige Cru Classé 2019

Art is often dedicated to a memory of someone dear or respected. Wine is art, so no wonder the family behind Clos Cibonne made a tribute to Marius Roux in the form of Cuvée Hommage à Marius Rosé. It's a blend of Tibouren (90%) and Grenache (10%) from plots on a hillside of the Chaine des Maures. The Tibouren vines are over 60 years old on average.

The grapes are harvested with a slight over-ripeness and destemmed before vinification. Direct pressing into new casks of 26 hL, equipped to cool the juice and thus allow a slow and progressive fermentation. These wines remain for 24 months in casks and are stirred regularly. The lees are kept only for 6 to 12 months.


4.20 / 5.0750 ml@Wix Kyiv Office · Rose Petals Party Vol. 2

Heavy, ultra complex and intense rosé. Canned peach, grapefruit, caramel, dry wood and strawberries. Full-bodied, multilayered and persistent.

Wine #4 on Rose Petals Party Vol. 2 event.

Clos Cibonne

Clos Cibonne draws its name from Jean-Baptiste de Cibon, captain of Louis XVI's Royal Navy and the first owner of the vineyard. After he died in 1797, the property was sold to the Roux family.

In the 1930s, André Roux took over the winery and brought it to a new level. Thanks to Adnré Roux, Clos Cibonne acquired the status of Crus Classés Côtes de Provence when the classification was established in 1955. Aside from the official merits, Adnré Roux is also responsible for the focus on Tibouren. It is safe to say that, without him and his passion, this old grape variety would have disappeared.