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Clos de Tart

Clos de Tart, a prominent wine estate in the Côte de Nuits, Morey-Saint-Denis, is renowned for its rich history and viticultural heritage. The estate is distinguished by its walled vineyard, or 'Clos', a Burgundian tradition, which encompasses a 7.53-hectare area enclosed by a 1.2-km-long dry-stone wall. This wall, restored in 2006, symbolizes the estate's identity and continuity. The vineyard, boasting an average vine age of sixty years, some even centennial, stands as a testament to the estate's commitment to preserving the essence and soul of the terroir.

Frédéric Engerer, CEO of Artémis Domaines, and Alessandro Noli, Estate Director, have been pivotal in transitioning the vineyard to biodynamic viticulture, reflecting a deep respect for the land and a commitment to organic farming methods.

Clos de Tart is located mid-slope, between 269m and 302m in altitude, with a south-easterly aspect. The vineyard's unique North/South vine planting, contrary to the prevalent East/West orientation in Burgundy, is strategic for optimal sun exposure and erosion prevention. The clayey-limestone soil is geologically complex, comprising various limestone types and marl, creating multiple microclimates within the estate. These microclimates are each harvested separately, highlighting the diverse terroir of the estate.

Wines by Clos de Tart