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Founded by Benoit Doussot, a Meursault-trained winemaker, Clandestin is a unique micro-negociant estate located next to Vouette. Doussot, who has significant experience working at Vouette with Bertrand and Hélène, established Clandestin with a focus on small, often overlooked vineyard parcels and expositions. These hidden or 'clandestine' sites include Pinot Noir on Kimmeridgian limestone and Chardonnay on Portlandian limestone. Emphasizing organic farming practices, the fruit is meticulously harvested by hand.

Doussot's winemaking philosophy is deeply influenced by his training in Meursault, particularly evident in his use of French oak barrels for ageing. His approach results in Champagnes that resonate with purists, distinguished by their minerality, precision, and clarity. A key aspect of his methodology is the insistence on harvesting perfectly ripe grapes, which is not the norm in Champagne. This approach often leads to Champagnes being bottled with no dosage, allowing the distinctive oceanic terroir to prominently feature.

Wines by Clandestin

Clandestin Austral 2019


Clandestin Boréal 2020


Clandestin Les Revers 2019