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La Bohème Pinot Noir - 2019

Elk Cove

4.00 / 5.0

red still, dry
Yamhill-Carlton AVA, USA
Elk Cove
Pinot Noir
2270 UAH
not available
Elk Cove La Bohème Pinot Noir 2019

La Bohème Vineyard, nestled within the scenic embrace of the Willamette Valley, stands as a testament to the visionary planting initiated by Pat and Joe Campbell in 1985. With its roots extending deep into the history of Elk Cove Vineyards, La Bohème was cultivated from the most promising vines of the estate's original Pommard plantings. The Campbells, drawing inspiration from both the previous landowners and a cherished Puccini opera, bestowed upon the vineyard a name that echoes with artistic heritage and familial legacy. Situated at an elevation of 240 meters, La Bohème not only commands breathtaking views of the coast range mountains but also benefits from one of the highest vineyard sites in the valley, ensuring optimal sun exposure and air circulation. This strategic location, combined with rigorous pruning and cluster thinning, aims to limit yields and enhance ripening and flavour concentration, marking La Bohème as a source of Pinot Noir that is as distinctive in character as it is in quality.

The 2019 vintage at Elk Cove's La Bohème Vineyard presented a unique set of challenges and opportunities, encapsulating the essence of winemaking resilience and expertise. The season's extended hang times, stretching up to 125 days for some blocks, were a calculated risk that bore fruit under the vigilant care of Winemaker/Owner Adam Campbell and his team. This approach, underscored by meticulous months-long vineyard preparation and a steadfast refusal to hasten the harvest, culminated in a crop with optimal sugar levels and concentrated fruit. In the winery, the La Bohème Pinot Noir benefits from Elk Cove's gravity flow system, ensuring minimal intervention and maximum flavour preservation. Fermentation takes place in small, temperature-controlled steel tanks with manual punch-downs, followed by ten months of ageing in French oak barrels. This careful, hands-on process is reflective of Elk Cove's commitment to expressing the unique terroir of La Bohème, aiming to produce a Pinot Noir that is emblematic of the vineyard's high elevation and the winery's dedication to quality.


4.00 / 5.0750 ml@π-not · π-not

Despite the initial signs of cork taint, this wine still managed to offer a commendable tasting experience. It boasts a rich array of ripe fruits, leather, spices, and wet earth. With a solid structure and medium body, it remains relatively fresh and has a long aftertaste. While it is well-made and complex, it doesn't quite reach the level of being truly fascinating.

Wine #9 on π-not event.

Elk Cove

At a glance

  • Pioneering Family Legacy: Founded by Pat and Joe Campbell in 1974, Elk Cove Vineyards remains family-owned, with Adam Campbell leading the winery into its next chapter, blending traditional methods with modern viticulture.
  • Sustainable and Hand-Crafted Excellence: With a focus on Estate-grown wines, Elk Cove emphasizes sustainable farming, ensuring each bottle reflects the unique terroir of their Oregon vineyards.
  • Innovative Viticulture: Utilizing "selection massale" and managing high-elevation, south-facing vineyards, Elk Cove crafts exceptional single vineyard Pinot Noirs from its premier blocks, La Bohème and Roosevelt, showcasing the depth and complexity of their chosen varietals.

Elk Cove Vineyards, established in 1974 by Pat and Joe Campbell and now helmed by their son, winemaker Adam Campbell, is a testament to family-driven craftsmanship and dedication in the heart of Oregon's wine country. From its inception on an overgrown homestead in the Coast Range Mountains, Elk Cove has grown from a pioneering venture into a cornerstone of Oregon viticulture, known for its hand-crafted, Estate-grown wines that stand among the world's finest. The Campbell's selection of the property for its challenging yet rewarding terrain laid the foundation for a winery that values the unique character imparted by its environment, a principle that has guided their practices for over four decades.

Under Adam's stewardship, Elk Cove has expanded to encompass six vineyard sites across 380 planted acres, a significant leap from Oregon's nascent wine industry days. This expansion includes the notable La Bohème and Roosevelt vineyards, which are instrumental in producing Elk Cove's most coveted Single Vineyard Pinot Noirs. The winery's commitment to sustainable farming, alongside innovative techniques like "selection massale" for vine propagation, underscores a deep respect for the land and a dedication to quality. The Estate's marine sedimentary soil, high elevation, and south-facing slopes are meticulously managed to enhance vine health and flavour concentration, contributing to the distinct profile of Elk Cove wines.

Elk Cove stands as a beacon of innovation and tradition in Oregon's wine scene, with Adam Campbell continuing the legacy of producing cool climate wines that rival global benchmarks. The winery's journey from a family's ambitious dream to a celebrated estate reflects a steadfast commitment to excellence and an enduring love for the craft of winemaking.