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Aurora - 2019

I Vigneri

3.80 / 5.0

white still, dry
Vino (IT), Italy
I Vigneri
Carricante, Minnella Bianca
1190 UAH
not available
I Vigneri Aurora 2019

Each label tells a story. Some of these stories are straightforward. And there is nothing sinister about it. Look, Aurora (means dawn) is also the Italian name of the Eastern Orange Tip butterfly (Anthocharis damone, if you even care), whose survival is at risk due to the changes in its natural habitat. Its geographical range is curious. In Europe, it is distributed only in Türkiye, Greece, Macedonia and southern Italy (Mount Etna in Sicily and Aspromonte in Calabria). For this reason, the species represent a real symbol of Mount Etna's biodiversity.

So what do we have here? A nature-caring winemaker, doomed butterfly species, and you in attempt to focus on the wine - not on these magnificent beasts. See? The narrative is ready.

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On the other hand, Aurora is just a 90/10 blend of Carricante and Minnella Bianca from Contrada Caselle in the municipality of Milo, at 750 meters above sea level. The vines are young - planted in 2010 and 2015. Direct pressing of whole grapes with static and natural settling of the must for about 30 hours. After alcoholic fermentation, the wine rests for around 6 months in stainless steel tanks.


3.90 / 5.0750 ml@Garage · Sicily by Vova and Mykola

My memory vaguely holds the last encounter with Aurora (luckily, I still have access to my tasting notes). And over the last year, it became much more pleasant. The bouquet is less reductive and more charming. Chalk, gunpowder, baked apples and lemon. Not overly complex, although it offers some lovely minerality. Delicate and sharp yet a bit empty. Citrus flavours with a chalky finish. Wonderful beginning of the evening.

Wine #1 on Sicily by Vova and Mykola event.

3.60 / 5.0750 ml@Garage

Tasted blind. My guess was some autochthonous grape from Basque Country. Turned out to be Carricante from Etna. Mineral profile with extra stuff: soaked apples, H2SH_2S, and gunpowder. Good acidity though lacks balance. Not complex. I was disappointed when the bottle was revealed.