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MV18 - NV

Henri Giraud

4.3 / 5.0

France » Champagne AOC
white traditional sparkling, brut
Henri Giraud
NV, based on 2018
On lees
Chardonnay, Pinot Noir
8500 UAH
not available
Henri Giraud MV18 NV


4.3 / 5.0750 ml@101 Bar · Small Growers: 45 years past the revolution

This wine features an oak-driven bouquet that evokes the festive spirit of Christmas. Aromas of panettone mingle with toasted almonds and baked apples, creating a warm and inviting nose. Sweet notes of honey and a zesty orange oil add to its appeal. It's a friendly and approachable wine, yet doesn't skimp on depth and complexity. On the palate, it's round and quite intense, balancing its richer flavors. The finish surprises with a nice twist of grapefruit, adding a fresh dimension to the aftertaste.

Wine #5 on Small Growers: 45 years past the revolution event.

Henri Giraud

Champagne Henri Giraud, under the stewardship of Claude Giraud, represents a fusion of deep historical roots and innovative winemaking in the prestigious Champagne region. The Giraud family, with a lineage tracing back to the early 17th century, has been an integral part of the Aÿ terroir, a Grand Cru village that has long been synonymous with the highest quality Champagne.

The Giraud family's connection to Aÿ, a village whose wines have been celebrated for centuries and favoured by French kings, is profound. The historical significance of Aÿ in the Champagne region is notable; until 1887, Champagnes were often referred to as "wines of Aÿ," underscoring the village's importance. Today, Aÿ remains a Grand Cru village, a designation that speaks to the exceptional quality and unique character of its terroir.

Champagne Henri Giraud has a storied history that dates back to 1625. The Hémart family, ancestors of the current Giraud family, established themselves in Aÿ in the 17th century. Their story weaves through the fabric of Champagne's history, surviving and rebuilding through challenges like phylloxera and the First World War. Léon Giraud, who married into the Hémart family in the early 20th century, played a pivotal role in reviving the family's vineyards after these calamities.

Claude Giraud, representing the 12th generation of the Giraud-Hémart family, continues this legacy with a commitment to tradition and innovation. He has been instrumental in reviving the use of Argonne oak barrels for ageing Champagne, a practice that dates back centuries. This return to traditional methods has led to the creation of the house's iconic cuvée, "Argonne," which is celebrated for its exceptional quality.

The house's expertise extends beyond oak ageing to include experimentation with terracotta and sandstone containers, optimizing the interaction between the wine and its lees. This innovative approach contributes to the distinctive saltiness, intensity, and aromatic complexity that characterize Champagne Henri Giraud's offerings.

With a limited production of 250,000 bottles annually, including only a few thousand bottles of their grand cuvées, Champagne Henri Giraud's offerings are highly sought after by collectors and connoisseurs worldwide. This exclusivity is a testament to their commitment to quality and the unique expression of their terroir.

The Giraud family's philosophy, "Let nothing be banned and nothing be obligatory – just make good wine naturally," reflects their approach to winemaking. This ethos, coupled with their sustainable viticulture practices and certification of high environmental value (HVE), highlights their dedication to both quality and environmental stewardship.

In summary, Champagne Henri Giraud exemplifies the fusion of historical legacy and modern innovation in Champagne. Their deep roots in the prestigious Grand Cru village of Aÿ, combined with their commitment to quality and sustainable practices, continue to position them as a beacon of excellence in the Champagne region.